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Interested in becoming a Peer Health Advisor?


Applications are currently closed and the new Peer Health Cohort is currently in a training course this spring semester!

Interested in being a Peer Health Advisor next year? Applications will open the end of August through the end of September 2024. Be on the lookout here, or on our Instagram @PeerHealthLehigh!

1.) Fill out the online application

2.) Selected applicants will undergo an interview process (beginning October 2023)

3.) Accepted applicants will attend the remaining Peer Health Advisor meetings in the Fall semester

Training is expected to take place in Spring 2025 and will consist of foundational training as well as training on priority student health issues. Trainings will be delivered by the Health Advancement & Prevention Strategies and the Office of Survivor Support & Intimacy Education staff as well as other campus experts.  It will be offered as a 2-credit course and is a requirement to become a Peer Health Advisor, though students may opt to not take the class for credit. 

E-mail: with any questions. 

Peer Health Advisor Application Process FAQ

Can I Apply?

If you’re a first or second year undergraduate student that has the time and passion to commit to our organization, we’d love to have you.  Applications are open early each fall semester; otherwise, you would have to wait for the following cycle to apply.

Do you have an interview process? What's that like?

Yes! After careful review of all applications, select applicants will be approved by members of the Peer Health executive board and will sign up for a timeslot for an in-person interview.  Interviews for the fall semester are to occur early October.  Select applicants who make it to round II will demonstrate their public speaking skill through a five minute facilitation.

Can I get credit or payment for being a Peer Health Advisor?

Peer Health Advisors do not receive compensation for their services. However, as a new member, you have the option to register the training for a 4-credit course offered through Health, Medicine, and Society (College of Arts and Sciences). You are also eligible to apply for positions in our executive board and gain valuable leadership experience. 

What are some of the roles and responsibilities?
  • Participate in a minimum of two (2) programs or events per semester

  • Attend and participate in training sessions, group meetings, events, and activities

  • Assist in the planning, execution, and evaluation of related events and programs

  • Abide by most recent mandated reporting policies and laws

What is the expected commitment?

Being a Peer Health Advisor will require a time commitment that can range. At a minimum, students will take place in the 4-credit course which is typically 3 hours a week plus required assignments.  All members must attend weekly or biweekly group meetings which last about an hour on average. All Peer Health Advisors are expected to participate in recruitment, programming, facilitation, event organization, or other activities which could also take several hours a week, depending on students’ involvement, Peer Health Advisor events scheduled, programming request volume, and the Lehigh University academic calendar.