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The Health and Wellness Center works closely with the Counseling Center to help students address these issues.

Confidentiality/Privacy policy

Medical records are kept strictly confidential and are released only with a student's written consent. Records release forms can be obtained at the Health and Wellness Center. If a student wishes a member of the Health Center staff to discuss his/her case with anyone, including a member of the Counseling Center staff, the student needs to sign a special release of information form. Review our privacy policy.


The Lehigh University Student Health and Wellness Center provides acute and on-going care to over 4,500 undergraduate and 1,800 graduate students.

If a person is eligible for benefits through HR regardless of whether they elect to receive them, then they are not eligible for receiving services at the Health Center.  Limited exceptions may be granted for vaccination clinics.  Please reference HR Faculty/Staff Guides.

Graduate students who also work for the university and receive their health insurance through the Human Resources office at Lehigh are not eligible to use the Health and Wellness Center.

Employees (and their spouses/partners) who may be taking classes at Lehigh are not considered students with access to Health Center services.

Excuse Policy

The Health Center doctors and nurses do not write medical excuses for missed classes.
A Dean's Note is only required for students who:

  • miss more than a full week of classes OR
  • miss an exam.

Students who miss class or an exam for illness are advised to be proactive and contact their professors via e-mail or phone, and arrange to make up missed work.
Students who have concerns or miss class for more than a week or an exam are to contact:
                Associate Dean of Students
                210 University Center, University Drive – 29
Please do not go to the Dean of Student's office while you are ill, to avoid spreading infections.


NOTE: Students who miss an appointment without notifying our office at least 30 minutes in advance with be charged $5 (to their bursar account) for each missed appointment.

Most services provided by the Lehigh University Student Health and Wellness Center are without cost.  Fees apply to certain services:

Allergy Injections $150.00 per academic year
Annual Women's Health/GYN Fee $30.00
Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Testing $15.00
Driver's License Physical $30.00
Gardasil (HPV vaccine) $225.00 per injection, total series of 3 - pre-order
Herpes Testing $30.00 minimum - more for typing
Injectable Medication Fee $150.00 per academic year
Meningitis Vaccination $105.00 (MCV4) 145.00 (Men B, Bexsero), 125.00 (Men B, Trumenba)
Pap Smear $55.00 minimum - additional if HPV testing indicated
Plan B (Emergency Contraception) $30.00
TB Skin Test $15.00
Teacher's Certification Physical $30.00
Tetanus Booster (TDAP) $40.00
Any of the above services can be paid in cash or check, be billed to your bursar account, or paid with GoldPLUS.

Health insurance is recommended to cover costs for services not available through the Health and Wellness Center. Lehigh University sponsors a low cost insurance plan designed specifically for college students. Information about the plan is available through the Bursar's Office at 610-758-3160 or by visiting the University Health Plans, Inc. website.

The Health and Wellness Center recommends students and parents check with their individual health insurance regarding coverage benefits and necessity for referrals. Families may wish to supplement their student's insurance with the university sponsored plan.

Health Promotion

Health Advancement and Prevention Strategies Office

Mission Statement

The Health and Wellness Center supports the mission of the University. We are dedicated to working in collaboration with our campus colleagues to optimize the physical and emotional well being of our students.

The mission of the Health and Wellness Center is to provide students with:

  • High quality, compassionate medical care
  • Non-judgmental care that respects individual differences in a confidential environment
  • The knowledge and ability to treat themselves for minor illnesses and injuries

Important Disclaimer

This website is not intended to replace the advice of a medical provider. For general questions or concerns, please send us an e-mail at inluhc@lehigh.edu . Note: this email is intended for non-emergencies only. Please allow 24-48 hours (one full business day M-F) for a response. E-mail received over the weekend will be treated as if received Monday morning.

Student Insurance

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