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2023-2024 Student Insurance Plan Overview
University Health Plans has provided a brief PowerPoint highlighting the basics for the 2023-2024 plan year.
Claim Submission Instructions
Step-by-step instructions for students who are submitting a claim for reimbursement are available here.
LU Student Health Insurance | Bursar's Office

Most students, in both undergraduate and graduate programs, are required to have health insurance regardless of the carrier. More information on who is required to have health insurance, and how to purchase can be found on the Bursar's Office website linked below.


Cigna Wellfleet Insurance | University Health Plans

Lehigh has partnered with University Health Plans to administer the Student Health Insurance plan and help with waiver, enrollment, or eligibility related questions. Check out their LU homepage for contact information, customer support, and more.

The Health & Wellness Center does not directly bill, nor receive payment from any insurance company. Most Health & Wellness Center services including office visits are provided at no charge. For services that do have an associated charge, students may submit a claim to their health insurance company for reimbursement. Supporting documentation that may be required by insurance including receipts, and encounter summaries are available on the Student Health Portal. Lehigh University requires that most undergraduate and graduate students be covered by adequate medical insurance or enroll in the university-sponsored plan. 

Lehigh's sponsored health insurance is a student centered Cign PPO plan called Wellfleet. It is not required for students to enroll in Wellfleet's plan but it is strongly encouraged, especially for international and out-of-state students whose home insurance may not be adequate in Pennsylvania. The Health & Wellness Center recommends students check with their individual health insurance regarding coverage benefits and necessity for referrals. Families may wish to supplement their student's insurance with the university sponsored plan.

Any services performed at the Health & Wellness Center where a charge is accrued; students have the option to bill their bursar or pay cash.
All students are able to login to their Student Health Portal for supporting documentation to provide to their insurance company to seek reimbursement. However, reimbursement is not a guarantee.