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Inform, Explore, Engage and Act


Mission:  Recognizing gender is a key element of identity, the Center for Gender Equity creates gender equity within the Lehigh community.


Established at Lehigh in 1991, the Center for Gender Equity continues to provide students a space for education and activism around women's and gender issues. Located in the hub of the University Center, our dynamic student staff collaborates with several departments and student organizations, including the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Pride Center. Focusing on transferable skills and content, student staff dream up, develop, implement, and assess 90% of all the Center for Gender Equity's programs and initiatives.

Learn more about us and hear about our student staff members’ experiences in this short video, produced in commemoration of 25 Years of the Center for Gender Equity at Lehigh and by our fabulous staff members!

  • We inform ourselves and others about definitions of gender. We question what roles gender plays in our identities, our social and political systems, and our daily interactions with one another.
  • We explore what it means to alter our  understanding of “women” and “men.” We challenge ourselves to think more broadly.
  • We engage in research and conversations about gender. We do it in classes we teach and take, in discussions in the Center, and in dialogues we have with peers outside of Lehigh.
  • We act toward gender equity at Lehigh and beyond.