Making an Appointment

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For Medical Emergencies on campus 
call LUPD 610-758-4200
or 9-1-1 if you are off campus.
To make an Appointment with the HWC call

In order to best meet the needs of our approximately 9,000 students, Appointments are required to be seen by Health & Wellness Center Providers. 

  • Depending on the nature and severity of the symptoms, a telehealth or in-person appointment will be scheduled

  • To promote equal access to care, appointments for acute concerns will rarely be scheduled for the following day once the same-day's schedule has filled up

  • Off-Campus, and after-hours resources can be provided, and may be recommended depending upon the time of day you are calling, and the type of symptoms you are experiencing 

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to keep, or no longer need your Appointment, please CANCEL. "No Show" appointments prevent other students from being seen.