Lehigh's Absence Policy

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The Health & Wellness Center does not distribute medical excuses in the case of students missing class due to illness or injury. It is important for all students to contact their instructor as soon as possible should you need to miss class for any reason, including illness or injury. It is recommended by the Office of Academic Life & Student Transitions that you notify your professor of your plans to be absent before class begins if possible.

Lehigh students may fill out a Report of Student Absence form through the Office of Academic Life & Student Transitions which is found here. Once the student has filled this form out and received confirmation, it is the student’s responsibility to provide the absence note to their instructor(s). The Office of Academic Support Services will not provide this information to the student's instructor(s). This form is required if a student misses three or more days of classes:

Absence Reporting Form

More information about Lehigh’s Absence Policy can be found here:

Academic Life & Student Transitions | Student Absence

A dean’s note is required for students who miss more than a week of class or miss an exam. More information can be found by contacting the Office of Academic Life & Student Transitions. Their contact information is as follows:

Academic Life & Student Transitions

Williams Hall, Suite 390


Should a student need to take time away from Lehigh for any reason, including medical reasons, they can request a leave of absence through the Associate Dean of Students Office. A formal petition to the SOS Committee for a Leave of Absence must be submitted as well.

To find more information about Lehigh’s leave of absence policy, please follow this link: 

Leave of Absence