Patient Rights & Responsibilities

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Patient Rights
  1. Patients have the right to be treated with impartiality, respect, compassion, and dignity by all Health & Wellness Center employees.  
  2. Patients have the right to receive impartial access to all faculties of care that the Health & Wellness Center provides regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, socioeconomic status, sex, gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, sexual history, religion, or physical, mental or psychiatric disability.
  3. Patients have the right to know the identity and professional status of each individual involved in providing their care and to know which provider is primarily responsible for their care.
  4. Patients have the right to receive a comprehensive explanation of any testing, diagnoses, treatments, anticipated and unanticipated outcomes of treatment, and/or prognosis that may occur in terms they can understand.
  5. Patients have the right to freely ask questions about their care and receive comprehensive answers in understandable terms. 
  6. Patients have the right to receive the necessary information that allows them to participate in decisions about their care. 
  7. Patients have the right to voluntarily verbally or nonverbally consent to treatment at any point in their care. Barring life-threatening emergencies, clinical professionals must acquire your informed consent prior to the start of any procedure or treatment.  
  8. Patients have the right to refuse treatment at any point, except as prohibited by law, and to be informed of the consequences of this action.
  9. Patients have the right to confidentiality and privacy. Patients can expect that their personal health information will be protected by all employees of the Health & Wellness center and that their peers, family, and/or other health care agencies will not have access to this information without their explicit written consent.
  10. Patients have the right to have any and all charges that are accrued during their visit to the Health & Wellness Center to be explained in comprehensible terms and to discuss all options of payment.

Patient Responsibilities 

  1. Patients are responsible for being respectful and considerate of all other patients and staff at the Health & Wellness Center. Any disrespectful behavior or abuse could result in your dismissal from the Health & Wellness Center.
  2. Patients are responsible for providing accurate and honest information about your past illness, hospitalizations, medications and other matters relating to your health history and providing the necessary information to complete your file.
  3. Patients are responsible for asking questions to clinical staff if you do not understand the explanation of your diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and/or any instructions given.
  4. Patients are responsible for asking questions to the administrative staff if they do not understand any charges being billed.
  5. Patients are expected to assume the financial responsibility of any and all services rendered. Patients are responsible for assuring financial obligations are fulfilled as promptly as possible. 
  6. Patients are responsible for keeping their appointments and notifying the Health & Wellness Center in advance when they are unable to do so for any reason. 
  7. Patients are responsible for knowing and understanding their health insurance plan and determining which non-Lehigh affiliated providers are covered in their insurance network before seeking services.