New Incoming Student Information

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*Note: Returning students do not need to complete these health forms.*

The Health & Wellness Center is working on updating our incoming student health forms for the 2021 - 2022 school year. Please check back in to find our updated forms!
Step 1: Have your healthcare provider complete and sign our 2020-2021 health forms 
  1. Print our official 2020-2021 immunization record and and physical examination forms.
    1. Be sure to add your full legal name and birth date to both pages!
    2.  These are the only forms that the Health & Wellness Center will accept - we will not be accepting outdated forms or forms provided by outside healthcare providers. 
  2. Call your primary healthcare provider to schedule an appointment to have a physical exam completed and to have your immunization record filled out.
    1. Use the opportunity of visiting your healthcare provider to discuss any health conditions you may have and how you can be prepared to manage these conditions while you are at school. We recommend that you discuss your personal health risk with your provider in regards to returning to campus amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 
    2. Before leaving your healthcare provider's office, ensure that all sections of the required forms are completed, signed, and dated where indicated. 
  3. Scan the completed and signed physical examination and immuniziation record form, save a copy on to your computer and upload the forms onto our patient portal under the "document upload" section.
    1. Please note that the Health & Wellness Center is paperless so we ask all our students to refrain from sending us their health forms via fax or mail! 
Step 2: Complete all online health surveys on the patient portal 
  1. Access the patient portal here and sign in using your Lehigh credentials.
  2. Select the button on the top toolbar that says, "Forms." 
  3. Complete and submit the following forms:
    1. Select the form titled, "Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire" and complete the five questions.
      1. To learn more about the purpose of the screening questionnaire, please view this link
    2. Select the form titled, "Health History Form" and complete all questions. 
    3. Select the form titled, "Immunization History " and manually input all of the dates found on the immunization record form completed by your primary care provider. 
    4. Select the form titled, "Acknowledge & Consent to Treatment" and complete all sections. 
Step 3: Enroll or waive Lehigh's Student Health Insurance Plan 
  1. Access Lehigh University's Student Health Insurance Plan's website at this link
    1. This website has valuable information regarding the details of Lehigh' Student Health Insurance Plan
  2. There are links on the left-hand side of this screen that will allow you to fill out either the "Enrollment Form" or the "Waiver Form" depending on your preferences 

Step 4: Upload a picture of your insurance card

  1. Access the patient portal here and sign in using your Lehigh credentials. 
  2. Select the button that says, "Document Upload" then select, "Insurance Card." .
  3. Upload a picture of the front and the back of your insurance card in one of the following formats: