Residence Hall Councils (RHC)

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There are 13 Residence Hall Councils (RHCs) that represent the 2,500 residential students on Lehigh's campus. Each RHC has six positions that are elected by the residents in the area in September of the academic year. RHCs carry out RHA's mission of programming, leadership development, and advocacy. Residents are encouraged to work with their RHC representatives to improve their residential environment and plan programming.

Residence Hall Council Position Descriptions:

  • The President of the RHC serves as the primary liaison between the RHA Executive Board and the RHC. The President also helps coordinate and facilitate the weekly RHC meetings, ensures that there is effective communication among the Council's officers, and will lead the replacement process if a Council officer must be replaced mid-year.
  • The Vice-President of the RHC will stand in the place of the President if they are absent from a meeting or program, serve as the "residential relations" expert who actively promotes and encourages residents to engage with the RHC/RHA, and also serve as a liaison to the RHA Executive Board.
  • The Secretary of the RHC records all of the RHC meetings, communicates any notes/minutes from the meetings with RHC officers and RHA Executive Board, ensures that any and all paperwork is completed, and completes any other tasks as delegated. This officer will also create and display flyers and posters, as well as spread the word about various RHC programs throughout the residence hall.
  • The Treasurer of the RHC handles all paperwork associated with RHA funds, completes the necessary steps to procure funds for the events, sets the budgets for the events, manages the funds, and completes any other tasks as delegated.
  • The Advocacy Coordinator of the RHC is responsible for hearing, managing, and addressing concerns of residents in their respective residence hall. This officer will report to the RHA Advocacy Chair. The RHC Advocacy Coordinator is also responsible for holding one town hall meeting per semester in their respective residence hall.

If you're interested in being involved with your community's RHC, please email and we will provide you with additional information.