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Here at UCPS, we recognize the importance of creating, maintaining, and turning to your own community, particularly during times of challenge or celebration. While it is sometimes helpful for a counselor to intervene with a student or group, we find that very often, outreach from folks who are already community stakeholders has an invaluable impact in providing students with safety, relief, and solace. Therefore, we are happy to consult with any undergraduate or graduate student, staff, or faculty member to discuss a question, explore how to best facilitate connection within a group, plan for a difficult conversation, or provide feedback on a program you are putting together.

If you are concerned about a Lehigh student, group, or team, UCPS counselors are available to meet with any fellow student, caregiver, staff, or faculty member to discuss ways of providing compassionate intervention. This kind of community support may involve brainstorming how you might have a difficult conversation, communicate concern for someone that you care about, and provide or connect with support.

At this time, we are offering both in person and virtual services to ensure that support is as accessible as possible. With the addition Telus Health Student Support, we can also provide support via phone 24/7. This page will provide an overview of the various types of consultation we offer, and what you can expect.

Here you can find resources if you are seeking: