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The staff of Lehigh University Counseling and Psychological Services (UCPS) recognize that the college experience takes place during a period of personal development and is characterized by moments of experimentation, inquiry, challenge, crisis, adaptation, and flourishing. We affirm that Lehigh students are adults with inherent strengths and capacity to face the challenges and opportunities of their higher-learning experience. As one of many potential partners to students navigating and making the most of their experiences, UCPS staff members are dedicated to strengthening their well-being, advancing their development, and fostering their resilience. Our services are designed to help all students not only manage distress, but to thrive in meaningful ways and grow in self-understanding in order to make better use of their personal and interpersonal resources. Individual contacts, group therapies, faculty and staff consultations, and numerous outreach activities are some of the primary means by which this mission is accomplished. 

UCPS staff members are committed to assisting all registered undergraduate and graduate Lehigh students interested in personal, social, and academic growth and discovery, as well as to the larger campus community, through consultation, teaching, research, and various other types of involvement. 



UCPS strictly protects the confidentiality of information shared during sessions as well as the attendance of Lehigh students to any UCPS services. We are ethically committed to protecting your confidentiality and we abide by the federal/state laws which require it. We view our center as a safe space for our students and work hard to maintain a sense of trust throughout the services we provide.