Group Workshops

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Here at UCPS, we understanding that learning new skills can be facilitated by learning together with a group of peers. In meeting with small groups, you can help understand that others may be sharing similar experiences, provide tips to each other when someone is feeling stuck, and celebrate successes in implementing new skills with each other.

To sign up for a workshop, you can call the center at 610-758-3880, email, or complete the google form linked in the description. These spaces can be utilized in conjunction with or independent of other counseling spaces.

At this time, all of our group workshops are being held virtually to mitigate the health risks associated with COVID-19 and increase accessibility to all students.


Live Better with Stress

Flyer titled "Live Better with Stress" along with program description found below.

This 60-minute virtual "drop-in" workshop series includes 4 rotating meetings which focus on distress management with a focus on emotions, thoughts, relationships, and mindfulness practice. These workshops will provide opportunities to talk about challenges, share coping efforts and gain support in adjusting to stressors associated with COVID-19 and college life. Workshops are run on a drop-in basis and are designed to join at any point in the topic cycle. 

If you would like to join Live Better with stress, please click here, call 610-758-3880, or email

Reflect and Reconnect

Flyer including images of students on laptops and the description of the workshop.

This 60-minute drop-in virtual space is held weekly and provides an opportunity for students to get together with peers to learn and practice new skills, share challenges and coping tips, and develop a greater connection to themselves and others. So whether you're looking to take a break from your daily routine, build more meaningful connections, or learn something new, we invite you to join us and see what you might find. 

If you would like to join Reflect and Reconnect, please click here, call 610-758-3880, or email


Dear Body

Dear Body is a weekly continuous virtual meeting space where students can get together with peers to share challenges about their relationship with their bodies, support one another as they practie self-compassion, and journey together towards a place of body acceptance. 

Group Gatherings

Flyer including an image of a student in a virtual meeting with the space description.

Group gatherings are weekly virtual "meet ups"  where students on or off campus can talk with each other. These spaces offer opportunity to learn through experience how to share one's self, listen and support others, negotiate space, and both receive and provide compassion. Group gatherings may also provide students a chance to talk about concerns, hear others perspectives, and better understand themselves in their relationships with others. 

If you would like to join a group gathering space, call 610-758-3880 or email