A Letter from the Staff

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Dear Lehigh Community, 

We are all working to find our way in this world.  Some of the journey this year has taken us across new terrain like our global pandemic, some of it winds us back through well-worn and treacherous passages like the violence and injustice owed to racism and inequity in this country. Hopefully, there have also been some peaks and light on the horizon. Nevertheless, it has been a long and difficult trek, and we have likely paused to rest in some of the same places as you: sorrow, loss, fear, anger, disappointment, connection, and renewal. 

We are in this together-whether we have connected personally or whether we are simply linked as members of the Lehigh community. In this spirit, we too understand the weight of uncertainty, and know that any pain is lighter when we carry it together. We recognize that this may feel difficult because we cannot  physically be together in the was we are accustomed, we may be having trouble digesting what is happening in and around us, and it may be painful to acknowledge those experiences we wish were not parts of our personal and collective narratives. But we also know that turning toward ourselves and others with  curiosity, compassion, and openness, can help soothe overwhelming emotions, increase focus and motivation, and barter connection across difference. Whether you huddle together with your teammates, roommates, congregations, coworkers, brothers, sisters, partners, family or friends, your continued willingness to carry one another makes this community stronger, gentler, and more caring. 

We’ve all tapped our creativity, resilience, and resourcefulness in getting this far and that doesn’t mean we couldn’t use some continued support with what’s still ahead. So, if you need to talk, there are many members of your Lehigh community, counselors included, that are willing to listen. We also welcome you to explore the following wellness resources to help you reconnect with your community, your purpose, and your sense of self throughout your time at Lehigh. 

And know, as always we’re with you #fromherewithLUv.

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University Counseling and Psychological Services Staff