A Letter from the Staff

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Dear Lehigh Community, 

As we all work to find our way in this world, each of our journeys is apt to look different.  It may include forging your path here at Lehigh, developing meaningful relationships, or navigating challenging passages like the ongoing impact of violence and injustice in this country and in the world. Hopefully, you have also experienced peaks along the way, as well as see hope and positive growth on the horizon that fuels your stamina to navigate the familiar in addition to the unexpected. 

Regardless of where you are in your journey, we are in this together-whether we have connected personally or simply linked as members of the Lehigh community. We too understand the weight of uncertainty and the potential need to recalibrate, but also know this can feel less cumbersome when we carry it together. Turning toward ourselves and others with curiosity, compassion, and openness, can help us establish a sense of belonging and connection, sooth overwhelming emotions, and facilitate our personal growth. Continued willingness to support one another makes this community stronger, gentler, and more caring. 

As you continue to discover your direction through moments of celebration, challenging decisions, and formidable experiences, you may find yourself needing to talk to someone or seek additional support.  If and/or when this is needed, there are many members of your Lehigh community, counselors included, that are willing to listen. We also welcome you to explore the following wellness resources to help you reconnect with your community, your purpose, and your sense of self throughout your time at Lehigh.  And know, as always we’re with you.

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University Counseling and Psychological Services Staff