Group Workshops

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Here at UCPS, we understand that learning new skills can be facilitated by learning together with a group of peers. In meeting with small groups, you can help understand that others may be sharing similar experiences, provide tips to each other when someone is feeling stuck, and celebrate successes in implementing new skills with each other.

To sign up for a workshop, follow the instructions under each workshop. If you have questions or need more information you can call the center at 610-758-3880, email These spaces can be utilized in conjunction with or independent of other counseling spaces.



This 60-minute drop-in workshop focuses on mindfulness - or the practice of getting in touch with the present moment, without judgment or evaluation. This includes rotation through four workshops that cycle through four different ways to practice and explore mindfulness. All enrolled graduate and undergraduate students are welcome. No previous experience needed. Drop-in on Thursdays at 4:00pm to Taylor Gym meditation room - no sign up needed. 

Sept 1: Intro to Mindfulness

Sept 8: Mindful Movement

Sept 15: Mindful Play

Sept 22: Mindful Expression

Sept 29: Intro to Mindfulness

Oct 6: Mindful Movement

Oct 13: Mindful Play

Oct 20: Mindful Expression

Oct 27: Intro to Mindfulness

Nov 3: Mindful Movement

Nov 10: Mindful Play

Nov 17: Mindful Expression

Dec 1: Intro to Mindfulness

Dec 8: Mindful Movement


One Stitch at a Time

Join this weekly in-person group where we can learn to knit and navigate life together. This workshop is open to all enrolled graduate and undergraduate students. No previous experience needed, and all supplies will be provided. Contact to sign up and coordinate your supply pick-up.  Meetings will be held each week on Monday from 3:30-4:30pm.