Free-Standing Poster Display Form

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Important Information

For posting posters on free-standing poster displays in the UC and Lamberton Hall. Displays are  located in the University Center and Lamberton Hall.

  • Posters cannot be mounted on foam board
  • Size of poster must be 24" wide x 36" long and in Portrait style format- not Landscape
  • Contain brief information:  Name of event, location and date
  • This submission form must be completed no later than 10 days prior to event
  • All information on poster must adhere to University Guidelines
  • Requestor is responsible for printing and delivering the posters after receiving an email approving the request from
  • Poster can then be dropped off at the UC 1st Floor Information Desk c/o Poster Display

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

Contact us:

End date will be the same as the start date for one-day events.

Confirmation email must be received from before poster can be dropped of at UC Information desk.

All posters will be discarded after event date.