Group Meeting Spaces

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Overview of Group Meeting Spaces

UCPS offers enrolled Lehigh students group counseling as one of our primary clinical services. Our group program is one of the most successful programs across college counseling centers in the US, and we often have up to 12 groups running simultaneously.

During Fall 2020, traditional group therapy is suspended because licensure laws prohibit psychotherapy to students living in many states and other countries. However, group meeting spaces are currently being offered via the Zoom platform.

Group meeting spaces provide students an opportunity to interact with peers in a supportive environment that can assist them in establishing and maintaining close and gratifying relationships with others while enrolled at Lehigh. The space allows students to say hello, update each other on their current circumstances, talk about how they are negotiating life at this time, and share what they are doing to make it all work. Group interactions can also offer peer validation and support, and even provide students more understanding of their relationships with others and how they can be honest about their feelings with someone in exchange for honest feedback about themselves.