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Game Room Attendant Position 
Lamberton Hall
Basic Job Description: This position is vital to the success of the game room and is an excellent position to gain leadership skills and offers a teamwork experience, as well as, enhances your resume. The Game Room Attendant handles the day to day operations within the game room and makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

  •  Provide students with a safe environment to play video games.
  •  Assist with the check-in/check-out of video games and controllers to students.
  •  Plan and facilitate weekly video game tournaments.
  •  Work with groups on campus to inform and educate them on the resources which are available to them.
  •  Work with student clubs and groups on campus to plan events that they wish to hold in the game room.
  •  Maintain arcade games: billiards, Foosball, and air hockey tables.
  •  If necessary, assist with office related duties: Provides assistance to students, faculty and staff, and visitors; answers phones, provides directions and general information, assists with errands on campus and office related duties as assigned.
  •  Participate in weekly or bi-weekly staff meetings, and various staff development activities throughout the year.


  •  Game Room will be open daily (4pm – 12 midnight) seven days a week.
  •  Paid training will be provided to all employees to educate them about about different aspects of their job. Students will work a minimum of (5) hours per week. Weekend hours may be rotating.
  •  Students will work a minimum of (5) hours per week.  Weekend hours may be rotated.
  •  Hours are subject to change based on the usage of the room.
  •  Game Room Attendants must attend a mandatory weekly one hour staff meeting.

Qualifications: Work Study students

  •  Must be able to work independently, willing to take initiative, be dependable, and responsible. This position requires excellent English speaking skills, time management, and customer service skills. Priority interviewing will be given to First Year Students.

Pay Rate:

  •  The pay rate begins at $9.00 per hour.

Building Supervisor Job Application Work Study Position 

(notate if you want to be considered for just game room or if you want to be considered for building supervisor as well.