Fundraising and Sales

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  • Reserve your space for an event (25Live reservations):   Reserve event space
  • All requests must be made as far in advance as possible.  All student clubs and organizations must submit an Event Planning Form on The Linc at least two weeks prior to the event – please allow enough time for the entire process to take place (generally three to four weeks.)  
  • All recognized student groups are required to have prior approval authorization through the Student Involvement Office (610)758-6670. 
  • Security for all events must be arranged through the LUPD  In addition, Late Duty Building Staff security may be required based on the time or date of the event.
  • Advertising for the event cannot be done until all approvals and confirmations have been obtained.
  • Bake Sales may be held on campus by a Recognized Student Organization to raise funds in support of organizational activities. The following guidelines apply:

    Baked goods –rolls, bread, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pies (non-dairy base filling), homemade granola product, etc. Commercially packaged snack items, such as granola bars, candy bars, and chips

                         Dairy-based baked goods containing custard, creams, meringues, or cheesecakes 

    • Bake sales which include homemade food will not be allowed.  Individuals from the Recognized Student Organization will not be allowed to prepare and package the food themselves.
    • Recognized organizations who would like to hold a bake sale will need to purchase commercially produced baked goods or work with Lehigh Dining Services to provide baked goods.
    • All Baked goods will need to be individually pre-packaged via commercial methods or by the approved food vendor.

Pie in the Face Fundraising events:   

Based on various risk factors reviewed by the University, this event is no longer permitted to take place and will not be up for review moving forward.  We would encourage your organization and any co-sponsoring organizations to review the mission of your organization(s) and align your fundraising efforts.  Depending on your philanthropic organization, consider ways to raise awareness and align your fundraising efforts to engage others, supporters are more supportive if they are able to connect what you are doing for the philanthropic organization you are raising money for.   

Poker Tournaments:

The event cannot be advertised off campus.  Advertising on campus can not be done until approval for the event has been given.

Complete an Event Form with LUPD (Police or security may be required at your event):

A fee cannot be charged to participate in the event.

Buy-ins are NOT PERMITTED. Money CANNOT be exchanged.

Sponsoring group may accept, but not require, donations in the name of a specific charity. 

The name of the designated charity must be submitted in advance - donation of funds to the charity within 48 hours of hosting the event.

All prizes must be awarded based solely on skill, talent, or knowledge.

Prizes cannot be monetary.

Money donated for a designated charity may not be used to purchase prizes.  An accurate record must be kept of all donations and verified to match money donated to the designated charity.

Alcohol, tobacco or any illegal substance cannot be offered as prizes.

Prizes to be given away cannot be offensive in anyway.

Prizes must be donated or purchased from a University account.

All groups will be required to submit a list of prizes for approval.  The list must be submitted at least one week in advance of the event. List of Prizes for event can be emailed to: (reference the name and date of the event)

For further information contact Student Center Facilities (Christmas Saucon Building 14 E. Packer Ave.  Room 136) 610-758-4163