Fundraising and Sales

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  • All recognized student groups are required to have prior approval authorization through the Student Engagement Office (610)758-6670. 
  • Reserve your space for an event (25Live reservations): 
  • All requests must be made as far in advance as possible.  All clubs and organizations must submit an Event Planning Form on The Linc at least two weeks prior to the event – please allow enough time for the entire process to take place (generally three to four weeks.)
  • Security for all events must be arranged through the Lehigh Police Department.  In addition, Late Duty Building Staff security may be required based on the time or date of the event.
  • The sponsoring group must check ID’s.
  • Advertising for the event cannot be done until all approvals and confirmations have been obtained.
  • When advertising for the event please keep in mind that a statement must be made that ID’s will be required.