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Fall 2020 Student Center Facilities Updates
Student Center Facilities is committed to the continued delivery of services to our students.
  • Fall Bed Races - Memorial Walkway
  • Beautiful Fall Day on UC Front Lawn
    Beautiful Fall Leaves - UC Front Lawn
  • Free Cookies for Spirit Week
    Free Cookies for LU Spirit Week
  • UC Memorial Walkway - LU Marching Band
    Lehigh Marching Band - Memorial Walkway
  • Fall Semester - UC Front Lawn
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Here at Lehigh we offer you two unique Student Center facilities:  the University Center and Lamberton Hall.  Student Centers are considered to be the “hearthstone” of the campus, the gathering place for students, faculty, staff, and guests. It is on this principle that we strive throughout both facilities to offer programs, activities, and services that will cultivate and enhance the living and learning experiences in our comfortable and inviting environments.