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Upper Class Live Lehigh Communities

Live Lehigh Upper Class Program

Students in the Live Lehigh program live in residential communities centered on a shared interest. The Live Lehigh communities are developed by students and open to second-, third-, fourth- and fifth-year students.

As part of Live Lehigh, you can:

  • develop a strong academic and social connection to Lehigh University and the surrounding community;
  • create a meaningful theme and a clearly communicated purpose or mission for your residential communities;
  • promote your mission through programs and activities; and
  • enhance the overall residential experience and greater Lehigh community.

2014-2015 Community Descriptions

Green Engineering

Advisors: Delicia Nahman (Facilities Services) and Professor Terry Hart (Mechanical Engineering)
Community Coordinator: Eugene Vivino '16

Green Engineering unites a community of students with a passion for sustainable engineering. As a close knit community sharing similar interests, we plan to apply knowledge we have obtained from our studies to hands-on engineering projects in which we work as a team to exercise and expand upon our engineering skills to contribute to environmental awareness. Projects include hosting campus speakers, building rockets, utilizing a solar shed and composting program, and making physical improvements to the house in order to minimize our impact on the environment. We hope to collaborate with other campus organizations, such as EcoReps and Green Action, in order to engage the Lehigh community in sustainable programs.

During 2014-2015, the Green Engineering Live Lehigh Community will be housed in Warren Square A.



Advisor: Carolina Hernandez (Community Service Office)
Community Coordinator: Brennen Stenke '17

Live.Learn.Serve. aims to shape participants into leaders and active citizens through the implementation of community services programs at Lehigh and in the greater Bethlehem community.

The community’s goals are for participants, regardless of their current level of involvement in volunteer activities, to gain a greater appreciation of not only the Lehigh community, but also the local community surrounding it; to provide participants with different ways to become more involved in volunteer activities while allowing participants to gain leadership experience by planning and leading their own services events; to have participants view their communities in different ways, see the needs present within them, and find the various methods to address those community needs.

During 2014-2015, the Live.Learn.Serve. Live Lehigh Community will be housed in Warren Square A.


Coding the Future

Advisor: Professor James Femister (Computer Science & Engineering)
Community Coordinator: Chanh (Sam) Nguyen '17

Community members will learn about computer science and how to program in languages they are interested in. Residents will gain an understanding of what a career in this field looks like, as well as understand how connected and vital this field is to most other professions. Residents will learn how to innovate in groups for the benefit of the Lehigh community. Residents will have opportunities to actively work with Lehigh campus offices and help develop solutions for their problems and focus on inequities off-campus.


The goals of the community are:

  1. To explore computer science and how it is and will be affecting the world around us, as well as to consciously apply optimization to real world problems;
  2. Work in teams to develop software solutions and learn from others who have strengths in different fields;
  3. Take initiative in change, and seek out opportunities where our skill sets can be utilized;
  4. Demonstrate a genuine knowledge of computer science and how our education can transcend the bounds of the classroom;
  5. Develop meaningful relationships among the community and use this experience to develop strong relationships among others. Understand how academic life transitions into professional life and maintain the values you have developed here at Lehigh.

During 2014-2015, the Coding the Future Live Lehigh Community will be housed in Warren Square B.


Music Appreciation

Advisor: Professor Sun Min Lee (Choral Arts)
Community Coordinator: Sarah Siegel '16

The Musical Appreciation community strives to spread the joy, passion, and artistry that can be created through music. Our community not only listens to music, but performs as a group, learns how to play different instruments, and immerses themselves into culturally diverse genres. Here in the Music Appreciation House we embrace the unique gifts that Lehigh’s student body has, and we also work to foster a talent in those willing to learn. Our primary goal is to foster a setting where those who are musical performers (and those who are looking to become musical performers) can feel comfortable and involved in a community where there is adequate practice space for the campus’ growing musicians.

During 2014-2015, the Music Appreciation Live Lehigh Community will be housed in Warren Square C.


Outdoor Adventure Community

Advisor: Brian Slocum (The Baker Institute)
Community Coordinator: John Lentz '17

The Outdoor Adventure community promotes outdoor sports and activities, as well as responsible stewardship of natural resources. Community activities will appeal to a variety of interests and skill levels, from weekend camping trips to hiking and skiing to themed movie nights. The house will also present guest speakers who are experts in an outdoor field and who will discuss their careers protecting and promoting natural lands. The community goal is for individuals with a shared interest in nature to join together in outdoor activities and adventures, and to develop and spread their values of responsible management of our beautiful outdoor spaces and resources.

During 2014-2015, the Outdoor Adventure Live Lehigh Community will be housed in Warren Square D.


Acts 2: A Christian Live Lehigh

Advisor: Jessica Manno (Office of the Dean of Students)
Community Coordinator: Ariel Frazer-Freeman '16

Students participating in the Acts 2 community will learn to integrate Christ throughout every aspect of their lives. They will grow in their faith as they engage with a community of believers. We will focus on the importance of prayer, Sabbath, and quiet time. Community members will have access to weekly bible studies right in their own residence. In addition, the community will offer weekly fellowship dinners and will serve the local Bethlehem and Lehigh community through outreach programs.

During 2014-2015, the Acts 2 Live Lehigh Community will be housed in Warren Square F.


Know Thyself: A Community of Conscious Actions

Advisor: Professor Heather Johnson (Sociology)
Community Coordinators: Barrett Miller '16 & Emily Heckman '16

The Know Thyself community is dedicated to providing learning opportunities across physical, social, spiritual, and psychological domains. Participants in this program seek to become more aware of their actions and how they impact others and the world around us, as well as to develop their ability to make more conscious decisions in their everyday lives. Students will learn more about their own strengths, weaknesses, and biases, and seek paths to improve the quality of their daily life experience. The community believes that people who share a common desire to take action to grow in some aspect of their lives can help catalyze and support each other’s learning experiences and development, even as they pursue uniquely personal goals.

During 2014-2015, the Know Thyself Live Lehigh Community will be housed in Sayre Park Village.