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The Center for Academic Success offers tutoring in select first-year and sophomore-level courses free of charge to students. Tutoring begins the third week of classes during the fall and spring semesters and continues through the last week of classes.  We encourage students to come in for tutoring early and to use it often for best results.  Our tutors are upper class peers who have excelled in the course and received faculty recommendations.


Remote Zoom Tutoring

Walk-In Tutoring Zoom links
BIOS 041
CHM 030/031


ECO 001
Wednesdays 7pm-9pm https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/436075649   "there will not be ECO 001 on Wednesday, 4-8-20"
BIS 111, ECO 045, ECO 146
MATH 021/022/023/081
MATH 205
PHY 011/021
Mondays 4pm-6pm  https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/816976372  
Residential Tutoring Zoom links

Residential Tutoring-Sunday/Dravo/Calculus

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/489854461

Residential Tutoring- Sunday/Lower Cents/Chemistry

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/992720211

Residential Tutoring- Sunday/Richards/Chemistry

Join URL:  https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/566458346


Residential Tutoring- Sunday/Taylor/Calculus

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/601644112


Residential Tutoring- Sunday/Upper Cents/Calculus

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/323040983


Residential Tutoring- Monday/Dravo/Calculus:
Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/766776051

Residential Tutoring- Monday/M&M/Chemistry

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/254110592


Residential Tutoring- Monday/Richards/Calculus

URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/235627092


Residential Tutoring- Monday/Taylor/Calculus
Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/688107153

Residential Tutoring- Tuesday/Lower Cents/Calculus

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/215511861


Residential Tutoring- Tuesday/M&M/Calculus
Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/485821493


Residential Tutoring- Tuesday/Upper Cents/Chemistry

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/561569755


Residential Tutoring- Wednesday/Lower Cents/Calculus

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/719813736


Residential Tutoring- Wednesday/M&M/Calculus

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/180700387

Residential Tutoring- Wednesday/Richards/Calculus

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/671250760

Residential Tutoring- Wednesday/Taylor/Chemistry

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/394565381


Residential Tutoring- Wednesday/Upper Cents/Calculus

Join URL: https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/897379839


Residential Tutoring- Wednesday/Dravo/Chemistry

Join URL:   https://lehigh.zoom.us/j/277383798




In which courses does the Center for Academic Success offer tutoring?
What do I do if the Center for Academic Success does not offer tutoring in my course?
  • Visit the Professor, TA, or lab instructor associated with the course during office hours. Be sure to go prepared with questions about course material!
  • Form your own study group! Review notes, solve problems, discuss key course concepts, quiz each other, and much more. 
  • Be sure to use your textbook as best you can, including any accompanying CD’s and websites. These often contain various study guides and aids.
  • If you are having difficulty in a MATH course, you may visit the Writing and Math Center located in Drown Hall 110 and/or you can use the Math Help Center located in the basement of Christmas-Saucon
  • It is possible that by improving your time management and/or your study skills you would improve your performance in the course. You can request an appointment with our study skills consultant by filling out our study skill request form.
  • Seek out private tutor on your own. Ask the department or faculty if they know of a grad or undergrad who may be willing to work with you for a small fee. (The Center can not arrange private tutoring.)
Other tutoring resources

InstaEDU - Personal tutoring anytime (online personal tutoring for a fee)

Chemistry Notes & Problems (notes and practice problems on a large number of topics from Purdue University)

Subject Specific Tutorials at Khan Academy (with an emphasis on chemistry, biology, math, and economics)

Calculus Help (basic calculus tutorials on limits, continuity, and derivatives)

Just Math Tutorials (free math videos -- including calculus)**

Paul's Online Math Notes (site with free notes and tutorials for Calculus I, II, and III)

Physics Tutorials (from W.W. Norton and Company)

Accounting Help (free explanations, quizzes, questions, etc. from Accounting Coach)