Continued Study

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Engaging with your course content regularly clarifies complex concepts and identifying where you need assistance early in the process rather than the night before an exam. It can be helpful to build in time before and after your courses to revisit topics from the text, lecture, and other course materials. Remember, you should spend 2-3 hours of studying time outside of class for every one credit hour per week (ex: 3 credit class = 6-9 hours of studying per week). Here are some ways to continually study throughout the semester:

Before Class:

  • Read the text that will be covered in class and write down questions you have. If the questions you wrote down were not answered in lecture, see if you can stay after class or visit your professor’s office hours for clarification.
  • Print out or download PowerPoint slides for notations during the lecture
  • If you are taking a discussion-based class, you may want to write down specifics points you would like to share during the class session

During Class:

  • Take notes, ask questions, and participate actively in group discussions
  • Listen for cues such as “this is important…” or “you will see this on the exam…” 

After Class:

  • If it is helpful to this class, rewrite your notes for clarity, filling in information you may have missed during the lecture
  • Visit professor/TA’s office hours to ask questions
  • Attend tutoring sessions
  • Test yourself. Can you apply the concepts and solve problems? Do a few sample problems or start the homework that same day. Work on problems without looking at solutions and don’t give up too soon
  • Start the homework the same day
  • Practice and reinforce your learning by taking a few minutes to explain new material to a classmate without looking in your notes