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Students who are eligible for testing accommodations through Disability Support Services (DSS) must share their accomodation letter with their faculty members and discuss the provision of the accommodations for each of their classes.  Faculty members will work with the Center for Academic Success to identify students who require the use of testing services. 

For exams, in particular, it is important that students contact their instructors as soon as possible and no later than seven (7) business days before the exam if they need testing accommodations.  Students who fail to contact their professor seven (7) business days before the exam, are at risk of not receiving their eligible testing accommodation.  If the instructor and the department are not able to proctor the exam, students will submit a Testing Services Request Form five (5) business days before the exam to be reviewed and confirmed by the faculty and the Center for Academic Success.  Please note that proctoring requests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Final exams must be requested by Tuesday, April 23.        


Student FAQs

Which students are eligible to use Testing Services?
  • Students with approved testing accommodations through Disability Support Services may use Testing Services if their accommodations cannot be met in the classroom setting or accommodated by the instructor or department. 
Do I have to schedule my exam through Accommodate, or can I email Testing Services to schedule my exam?
  • You must submit an exam booking request on Accommodate, to be approved by Testing Services and your professor. You will receive an email notification via Accommodate once your request has been approved. 
My exam is scheduled for a specific date and time for the rest of the class, but I'd like to take the exam later so that I can have more time to sleep and study. Can I submit my exam request for a later day and time?
  • Students must submit their exam request for the same day and time as the exam is scheduled for the rest of the class unless they have received permission from the professor for an alternate testing time.
What should I expect when using Testing Services?
  • Students taking a test with a proctor from testing services should arrive 10 minutes ahead of their scheduled testing time.  Students will sign in with the Coordinator for Testing Services and Student Support, place their belongings (including cell phones, smart watches, and other electronic devices) in a storage cubby.   The proctor will review the materials students are able to have with them during the exam and confirm the amount of time available for the exam then show students to their assigned testing location.    
What should I bring to Testing Services?
  • Students should bring the materials that their professor is expecting all students to bring to the exam.  Testing Services will provide the materials that your instructor provides along with any resources related to accommodations through Disability Support Services.
What happens if I do not notify my instructor of my testing needs 7 business days before the exam?
  • It is crucial that you contact your professor about a need for testing accommodations as soon as possible and no later than 7 business days before the exam.  This is to ensure that appropriate accommodations can be provided whether that be with your professor, the department, or through the Center for Academic Success.  If you do not notify your instructor 7 days before the exam, you may risk not receiving your eligible accommodation.    
What happens if I arrive late to the exam?
  • If you arrive up to fifteen (15) minutes after the start time of the exam, that time will be deducted from your testing time.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, your exam will need to be rescheduled if your professor agrees. 
What can I expect about breaks during a proctored exam?
  • If you need a restroom break during your exam, you will sign out and in and note the time of your break.  The proctor will initial your time in and out.  Your break sheet will be submitted to your professor with your exam. 
Can I email Disability Support Services with questions about my exam?
  • DSS no longer facilitates testing services. Please contact Testing Services ( with any questions about your exam.
I have an approved accommodation for testing in a private room separate from the class. Where do I take my exam?
  • Most students who test in a private room with Testing Services will be assigned to Williams Hall Room 440 with a single proctor. If Room 440 is in use during your exam time, your exam will take place in Williams Hall Room 450, and you will be notified of this change. 
What to Expect When Arriving for Your Exam with Testing Services
Click here for a walk-through of what to expect after submitting your exam booking request with Testing Services on Accommodate.