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The Center offers tutoring in select introductory and 100-level courses in Physics, Chemistry, Math, Accounting, Economics, Engineering, and Finance. Tutoring is frequently offered in the following courses.  (Please note we do not guarantee tutoring in the courses on this list.)

ACCT 151 Intro to Financial Acct
ACCT 152 Intro to Managerial Acct

Biological Sciences
BIOS 41 Bio Core I: Cellular & Molecular (spring)
BIOS 115 Bio Core II: Genetics (fall)

BSTA 001Population Health Data Science I
BSTA 101 Population Health Data II Science
BSTA 103 Population Health Data Science II Algorithms Lab
CHM 30 Intro to Chem Principles
CHM 31 Chem Equil in Aqueous Sys
CHM 40/41 Concepts, Models & Experiments I & II**
CHM 110/112 Organic Chem I & II

Computer Science & Engineering
CSE 007 Introduction to Programming
CSE 17 Structured Prog & Data Structures   
CSE 109 Systems Software

ECO 001 Principles of Economics
ECO 45 Statistical Methods
ECO 119 Macroeconomics
ECO 146 Applied Micro

CHE 31 Mat & Energy Bal Che Proc
ECE 33 Intro to Computer Engr
ECE 81 Principles of Electrical Engr
ECE 83 Intro to Electrical Engineering (spring)
ECE 108 Signals & Systems
MAT 33 Eng. Materials & Processes
MECH 002 Elem. Engr Mechanics
MECH 003 Fund. of Engineering Mechanics
MECH 12 Strength of Materials
MECH 102 Dynamics
ME 104 Thermodynamics

FIN 125 Intro to Finance

MATH 12 Basic Statistics
MATH 21 Calculus I
MATH 22 Calculus II
MATH 23 Calculus III
MATH 51/52 Survey of Calculus I & II
MATH 75/76
MATH 81 Calculus w/Business Applications
MATH 205

PHY 11 Intro Physics I
PHY 10/13 General Physics I & II - Please contact Dr. Cereghetti for information about tutoring in this course
PHY 21 Intro Physics II