How to Track Goals for Success

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Goal or habit tracking is a great way to monitor your progress over a period of time. It is meant to be observational and report back what actions you have made. A goal tracker can be a helpful accountability system if you feel motivated by building on past successes. There will be times when habit completion may be easier and times when it is more challenging. Reflect on how you can best set yourself up for success and recognize where there is time to be flexible. 

How to use a goal tracker:

  1. Start by determining what habits you would like to monitor and how often you plan to do it (ex: read a non-academic book 15 minutes a day Monday - Friday). Also be sure to consider WHY this goal or habit is important and what it will ultimately help you achieve.
  2. Pre-plan your schedule to include time for this habit
  3. Set up your environment to make this habit easy (ex: keep your book in your bookbag so it is easily accessible)
  4. Select a time of day/week where you will mark off each time you complete the task
  5. Evaluate your progress. Where did you reach your goal and where did you fall short? If you did not reach your goal, why is that?

Example goal/habit tracker:

Habit Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
Wake up by 7am Mon - Fri   X X X   X  
Make bed every morning   X X X      
Respond to email once a day X X X X X X  
Electronics off by 10:30pm Sun - Thurs X X   X