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Williams Hall
Williams Hall

Walk-in tutoring is available in a handful of first- and second-year courses.  The walk-in tutoring center is located in Williams Hall 451 and is staffed by peer tutors who are available to answer your questions.  No appointment is necessary, and students are welcome to walk-in anytime to work with a tutor according to the schedule below.  The tutoring schedule will be posted by Monday, August 29th. 

Tutoring will begin on Monday, September 5th and end on Friday, December 2nd.  

Please click on the Walk-in schedule  


Walk-in Tutoring Courses:

The Center offers Walk-in tutoring in a handful of courses including:

  • BIS 111
  • CHM 030
  • CHM 031
  • ECO 001
  • ECO 045
  • ECO 146
  • MATH 021
  • MATH 022
  • MATH 023
  • MATH 081
  • PHY 011
  • PHY 021
Walk-in tutoring is not...
  • Walk-in tutoring is not...a substitute for attending class, paying attention, and taking good notes
  • Walk-in tutoring is not...about finding someone to help you get your homework done (We will not simply do your homework for you!) 
  • Walk-in tutoring is not...a substitute for the time and effort you need to spend studying course material on your own
How to get the most out of your tutoring session
  • Be motivated!  This means that you should be attending class regularly, keeping up with the reading and homework, and doing work for the class outside of your tutoring session.  If you aren't willing to put forth the effort to do well in the class, there's little that the tutor can do to help you.
  • Come with a specific question or goal for the tutoring session.  What do you want to accomplish?  Be sure to communicate your goal to your tutor.
  • Seek help from your professors and TA.  They are the BEST resources when you are having trouble in a course and they are here to help you!