Testing Services

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Testing Services 

The Center for Academic Success offers testing services as a tertiary option for students with recognized accommodations through Disability Support Services, and whose testing needs cannot be accommodated by their professor and department.

We know that students benefit when exams are administered by their instructors, as students can be made aware of last-minute exam changes and clarifications, as well as ask exam-related questions. We recognize, however, that the complexities of class scheduling and space constraints do not always make this possible. In these cases, students and instructors will work with the Center for Academic Success so that we can coordinate the appropriate accommodations.

Overview of Process

  1. Students share accommodation letters with instructors to discuss testing needs and options with their instructor. (7 business days prior to exam, minimum).
  2. If instructors are not able to administer the exam, the student will submit a testing services request form (5 business days prior to exam, minimum).  Here are instructions for how to submit a request.
  3. The Center for Academic Success will confirm availablity and will work with instructors and students to administer and return the exam.    

NOTE:  Exams request must be submitted through Accommodate five (5) business days before the date of the exam.  There is limited capacity within testing services.  Flexibility may be requested.  Final exam requests must be submitted by Tuesday, November 28.

Testing Services is located in Williams Hall 441 and can be reached at testingservices@lehigh.edu or by calling 610-758-0242.

Text and policies adapted from George Washington University, Wake Forest University, and Tulane University.