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Testing Services 

The Center for Academic Success offers testing services as a tertiary option for students with recognized accommodations through Disability Support Services, and whose testing needs cannot be accommodated by their professor and department.

We know that students benefit when exams are administered by their instructors, as students can be made aware of last-minute exam changes and clarifications, as well as ask exam-related questions. We recognize, however, that the complexities of class scheduling and space constraints do not always make this possible. In these cases, students and instructors will work with the Center for Academic Success so that we can coordinate the appropriate accommodations.

Overview of Process

  1. Students share accommodation letters with instructors to discuss testing needs and options with their instructor. (7 business days prior to exam, minimum).
  2. If instructors are not able to administer the exam, the student will submit a testing services request form (5 business days prior to exam, minimum).  Here are instructions for how to submit a request.
  3. The Center for Academic Success will confirm availablity and will work with instructors and students to administer and return the exam.    

NOTE:  Exams request must be submitted through Accommodate five (5) business days before the date of the exam.  There is limited capacity within testing services.  Flexibility may be requested.  The deadline for submitting final exam requests was Tuesday, April 23rd, and Accommodate submissions are now closed. If you have missed this deadline and need to schedule a final exam with Testing Services, please contact Cami Wheeler at inexams@lehigh.edu.

Testing Services is located in Williams Hall 441 and can be reached at testingservices@lehigh.edu or by calling 610-758-0242.

Text and policies adapted from George Washington University, Wake Forest University, and Tulane University.


Testing Services Policies

Before Exam

  • Prior to submitting exam requests with Testing Services on Accommodate, students are expected to communicate with their instructors to discuss testing arrangements. As Testing Services is a tertiary service, students should utilize Testing Services only if the instructor and the department are unable to administer the exam for the student. 
  • Students should submit their test room booking request via Accommodate at least 5 business days (7 days) prior to their requested exam time. This ensures that we can reserve testing space, schedule proctors, acquire exam copies from instructors, and provide the necessary testing accommodations for students. Because some students require additional technology, testing in a private room, readers for exams, etc., we want to make sure that we have everything set in place before the student’s exam. This timeframe is even more crucial during Common Hour Exams and Final Exams, as we typically have a large number of students requesting to take their exams with testing Services during these time periods. 
  • If the student does not submit their test room booking request via Accommodate 5 business days prior to the exam time, it is likely that the exam will need to be rescheduled for a later date. 
  • Students must submit their test room booking request for the same day and time as the scheduled exam day and time as the rest of the class unless the instructor gives the student permission to take the exam on an alternate day/time. 

During Exam

  • Students are expected to only utilize the permitted materials during testing, and should stow all of their belongings away in the designated cabinets in the Testing Center during testing. This includes cell phones, smart watches, and other electronic devices (unless any of these are permitted due to an accommodation). Our proctors are trained to identify and report signs of academic dishonesty or attempt of academic dishonesty. Use or attempted used of unauthorized materials will be documented and shared with the course instructor.
  • Testing Services has a 15 minute grace period for student arrival. If a student arrives less than 15 minutes late to their exam, they will still be able to take the exam, but they will lose this amount of time from their total exam time, and extra time will not be provided to make up for this. For example, if a student arrives 5 minutes late to their exam, they will have 5 less minutes to take the exam. If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late to their exam, the proctor will be unable to administer the exam for the student, and the student will need to reschedule their exam for a different date with instructor approval. (It is possible that this policy can be adjusted for students with academic flexibility accommodations).  
  • Once the student has completed their exam, all of the exam materials must be returned to the proctor. This includes the exam copy, formula sheets, scratch paper, note cards, note sheets, blue books, and any other paper materials that were utilized during the test. 
  • Many of the students who utilize Testing Services have an accommodation for distraction-reduced testing environments. For this reason, students are expected to remain quiet during testing in the Testing Center. If a student causes a disturbance for other students in the Testing Center, the student may be asked to leave by the proctor. 

After Exam

  • Exams will be returned to professors based on their preference. Options include (1) scan and email the exam, (2) scan and upload the exam to Accommodate, (3) schedule a time to pick up the exam from Williams Hall 441, or (4) send the exam through campus mail. Please allow 24 hours to receive email electronically. Testing Services is not able to guarantee a receipt timeline for exams sent through campus mail. 


Testing Services can only provide students with the testing accommodations that they have been approved for by Disability Support Services. If a student feels that they need additional testing accommodations that they have not been approved for, the student should contact Disability Support Services to discuss supplemental documentation. 

Usage rates from Fall 2022 to Spring 2024 - Total proctored semester exams - Fall 2022: 104, Spring 2023: 145, Fall 2023: 288, Spring 2024: 464