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About Math Tutoring


We offer weekly, 30-minute math tutoring sessions throughout the Fall and Spring semesters both in-person and remotely. These sessions are by appointment only; students will work either one-on-one or in pairs with a graduate student math tutor. Students must attend sessions every week, or they will be removed from the schedule. We cover most of the math classes taken by first-year students, including: 0, 5, 12, 21, 22, 23, 51, 52, 75, 76, 81, 205, and sometimes 231. We also tutor for the statistical portion of BSTA 001 (not the programming components). All tutoring sessions will be handled through our WCOnline service.  To sign up for math tutoring, students can go to WCOnline to register and claim their weekly time spot. 

We recommend that students sign up early; most spots are taken within the first week or so of the semester. Those who sign-up are expected to come to their appointment every week. If students miss more than 3 appointments, they risk being removed from the schedule to make room for other students who will use the spot more effectively.

Students may request accommodations by emailing the coordinator, Laura Fitzpatrick, at

Please note that your first appointment will fall on the date you selected. Staff will add the appointments for the remainder of the semester, which will be for the same time you select for your first appointment. Make sure not to miss your first appointment for the date you originally select and make sure the time you choose will work for you for the whole semester.

Math Schedule
Make and attend Math appointments through WCOnline.

Learn about the three different Math Tutoring options at Lehigh:

Please follow the instructions below to schedule your Math Appointments:    

  • An image of the math schedule as displayed in WCOnline.
    Math Schedule
    Login to WCOnline to see what appointments are available for scheduling. (All available appointments are white). Math Tutoring is weekly, so you will attend every week at the same time. Choose your spot wisely!
  • An image of the drop down menu in WCOnline that displays the appointments available for the particular math class a student wishes to be tutored for.
    Choose Math Class
    Make sure to select the math class you wish to tutor for from the drop down menu, so the correct available appointments are displayed.
  • An image of the top of a math appointment form in WCOnline.
    Fill out your appointment form completely, and make sure the course field matches the course selected field or your appointment may be canceled. All following dates for your selected time are added by staff. Attendance is mandatory once signed up.
  • An image of where to find the drop down menu for your appointments in WCOnline.
    Find your appointment form
    To attend your tutoring appointment, open the appointment form by selecting your appointment in the schedule or from the drop down menu for your account.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I request accommodations?

You may email the coordinator, Laura Fitzpatrick, at to request accommodations (e.g. accessbile space, etc.).

How often does math tutoring meet?

All math tutoring sessions are 30 minutes. You will meet every week at the same time for the duration of the semester.

How much does tutoring cost?

All tutoring is completely free!

What math classes do you tutor?

We tutor for Math 0, 5, 12, 21, 22, 23, 51, 52, 75, 76, 81, 205, and sometimes 231. We also tutor for the statistical portion of BSTA 001 (not the programming components).

What happens if I miss a Math sessions since attendance is mandatory?

For all math tutoring, attendance is mandatory and students are expected to come every week at their chosen time. However, students can miss two sessions and remain on the schedule. With the third missed appointment, students are blocked from the system and their appointments are removed from the schedule. So please be very sure of your commitment before signing up!

I don't want to come every week for math tutoring. What should I do?

We recommend you check out the Math Help Center or The Center for Academic Success