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About Online and In-Person Writing Conferences


When in-person, students meet one-on-one with a writing tutor for 30 minutes in our main office, 110 Drown Hall. Students work in an individual office with the tutor on their papers. We do request that students bring two printed copies (one for them and one for their tutor) to use during the session.


Much in the same way in-person conferences work, our Online Writing Conference appointments allow tutors and students to meet one-on-one to work on any piece of writing for 30 minutes in a virtual environment. Using voice, video, and chat, the student and tutor use a common whiteboard workspace to work on their writing. The whiteboard allows current work to be pasted or uploaded, notes to be taken, as well as freeform drawing over the material.


Students are allowed up to two appointments per week in combination with the OWL schedule. Make sure to review our guidelines so you’re best prepared to have a successful tutoring session. We hope to see you soon!


Students may request accommodations by emailing the coordinator, Laura Fitzpatrick, at lmf415@lehigh.edu.


Please note: Students should not make appointments with the instructor of their English class if they are taking any (including English 1, 2, and 11). To work with your instructor, make sure to attend their office hours or email them!


Writing Conferences
Head to our Writing Conferences Schedule to make either an in-person or online appointment now!

Please view instructions for making and attending your online appointment below:
  • An image of the Online Writing Conferences Schedule on WCOnline.
    Writing Conferences Schedule
    Select any white space to open the appointment form at the time you wish and with whichever tutor you prefer.
  • An image of the appointment form on WCOnline.
    Appointment Form
    Make sure to answer all the questions carefully and provide all information.
  • An image of where to upload Forms in the Appointment Form.
    Uploading Files
    You can upload files when you create your appointment, at a later date by editing your appointment, or within the online consultation itself.
  • An image demonstrating what the link to start online sessions looks like, with the text "Start of Join Consultation" highlighted.
    Joining your online tutoring session:
    To begin an appointment, click on "Start or Join Online Consultation" to launch the tutoring session.
  • A browser request to accept the use of a camera and microphone with "Allow" circled.
    Video and Voice
    To have access to both your microphone and camera, make sure to accept the permission request or check your browser settings.
  • Toggle Camera and Microphone
    At any point, you can click the circled icons to turn your video or voice on/off as well as enlarge the video view.
  • Features
    As highlighted, you have the ability to draw on the whiteboard surface, upload documents to the whiteboard, as well as play back what occurs in the session respectively.
  • Begin Consultation
    Now you can start your consultation!

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I request accommodations?

You may email the coordinator, Laura Fitzpatrick, at lmf415@lehigh.edu to request accommodations (e.g. accessible space, etc.). 

How often can I get writing tutoring?

You can have up to 2 appointments per week (Online Writing Conferences and OWL combined). 

How much does tutoring cost?

All tutoring at the center is completely free!

What kinds of writing do you tutor for?

We tutor for any kind of writing at any stage of the writing process. Have a business memo? Application? etc.? We tutor for it! Want to work on organization, editing strategies, or brainstorming? We've got you covered. (Brainstorming only recommended for Online Writing Conferences, not OWL). 

Do you offer proofreading services?

No, but we're happy to help you with learning and practicing grammar.

How far in advance can I make an appointment?

Students can schedule up to two weeks in advance. However, you may only have one active appointment on the schedule, so keep in mind how often you want to come as well. 

Do you tutor graduate students?

Yes! We're happy to work with graduate students. However, the university also provides writing tutoring for graduate students through the Graduate Writer's Studio. Make sure to check out their services too!