Online Registration & Scheduling

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About Registration and Scheduling

All of our services are scheduled remotely through WCOnline. To register and use our services, head to For more information about our tutoring services, you can check out each of our schedules below.  

Register and schedule using our online software.

Please follow the instructions below to register and use our online scheduling software:    
  • An image of the login screen for the Writing and Math Centers WCOnline.
    Register for an account
    On Lehigh's WMC WCOnline, click on “Register for an account." You can then fill out the form to create your account. (Note: you must use your Lehigh email address to register.)
  • An image of the top of the registration from on WCOnline.
    Fill out registration form
    Fill out the form to create your account. Make sure to fill out the registration form completely and to create a password with at least 10 characters.
  • An image of the WCOnline login screen with the schedule selection circled in yellow.
    Choose schedule from login page
    You must select at least one of the schedules to login from the login page. You may also choose to "Stay logged in."
  • An image of the drop down menu in WCOnline to select a new schedule.
    Choose schedule once logged in
    If you have already logged in and wish to switch to a different schedule, select a new one from the drop down menu.
  • An image of the Online Writing Conference's Schedule in WCOnline.
    Choose an Appointment
    All available appointments are displayed in white. You may need to navigate to a different day to find an opening.
  • An image of an appointment form for the Online Writing Conferences Schedule.
    Appointment Forms
    For each of the schedules, you can click on the appointment space of your preference to bring up an appointment form. Appointment forms will look different for each schedule, so make sure to read it and fill it out carefully.
Graduate Writing Tutoring
To utilize the Graduate Writer's Studio, make sure to check out their WCOnline version below.