Writing Center Guidelines and Procedures

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Writing Center Guidelines and Procedures

  1. I understand that my tutor will not fix my paper for me.

  2. I understand that my writing tutor is not my editor or proofreader. I am responsible for writing, revising, and correcting my own work. If I need help with grammar, my tutor can teach me grammar rules, but he or she will not correct my grammar for me.

  3. I will come prepared for each tutoring session with two copies of my paper, a writing utensil, and assignment sheet (if necessary). I will also come ready to share my goals for the session with my tutor. We prioritize high order concerns but can also help with other types of issues:

Argument/Ideas Transitions Word Choice
Focus Development Grammar/Punctuation
Support/Evidence Organization Clarity
Audience/Purpose Coherence Citations
  1. My tutor is not a substitute for my instructor. I will ask my instructor questions about the course or assignment.

  2. I understand that tutoring does not guarantee a particular grade. My tutor has no bearing on what grade the final product receives.

  3. I understand that tutoring opportunities are limited to two sessions per week, including in-person and OWL sessions. 

  4. I understand Lehigh’s policy on plagiarism and academic honesty and will ask my tutor or my instructor if I have questions about these policies.

  5. I may be denied tutoring if I make appointments and don’t come to them, if I am late, or if I am not prepared.

  1. If I need to cancel an appointment, I will cancel the appointment at least 30 minutes before hand.


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