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What is 5x10?

The 5x10, which reads as the five by ten, is a programming series open to all Lehigh students with a specific focus on first-year students and their connection to Lehigh. All first-year students are expected to attend five programs during the first ten weeks of the semester in at least three of the Five Foundations of bLUeprint (they could attend one program or event that addresses each of the Five Foundations). Students will have a wide variety of programs to help them make their selections.

Information for First-Year Students

During the first ten weeks of college you will begin to develop routines, create new social connections and establish your place at Lehigh. We will expose you to the multitude of opportunities that exist on campus, and encourage you to reflect on those opportunities to maximize your Lehigh experience.

You will be able to explore the different 5x10 event options in LINC. If it is your first-time using LINC, you’ll need to create an account, and then you’ll have an array of campus events at your fingertips! You will also be able to track your progress through your LINC account. Click here to access detailed instructions on how to find 5x10s in LINC and how to track your completed 5x10 programs. This information can also be found in your Draft Book.

Draft Book

Draft Book cover


2022-2023 | Version 1.10

Download a fillable PDF of the Draft Book

Download a printable PDF of the Draft Book