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During the first ten weeks of college you will begin to develop routines, create new social connections and establish your place at Lehigh. We will expose you to the multitude of opportunities that exist on campus, and encourage you to reflect on those opportunities to maximize your Lehigh experience.

The 5x10, which reads as the five by ten, is a programming series open to all Lehigh students with a specific focus on first-year students and their connection to Lehigh. All first-year students are expected to attend five programs during the first ten weeks of the semester in at least three of the Five Foundations of Student Success in bLUeprint (they could attend one program or event that addresses each of the Five Foundations). Students will have a wide variety of programs to help them make their selections.

You will be able to explore the different 5x10 event options and track the status of your 5x10 completion in LINC. Instructions on how to find 5x10s in LINC and how to track your completed 5x10 programs will be coming soon! Continue to check our website for updates.

Hosting 5x10 Programs

If you are a part of a Lehigh University Office, Program, or Organization and would like to have an opportunity available for students, please read over the following criteria before submitting a 5x10 event proposal.

  • The event’s objectives must closely align with the selected 5x10 foundation.
  • The event must include an element of student engagement where students will have an opportunity to connect their learning to the selected 5x10 foundation and reflect on their experience.
  • Participants’ learning should be the main focus of the event. Social programs will not be accepted.
  • The event must be submitted at least two weeks before the event’s date.
  • The venue in which the event is held must be contained to ensure that attendance is tracked accurately. (Example: The UC Front Lawn is not a contained space.)
  • The submitting office/organization must be willing to assist with 5x10 attendance tracking which includes entering attendance into the LINC event page during/after the event.
  • All programs must be approved by an OFYE staff member prior to advertising/hosting as a 5x10 event.

The last day for students to complete the 5x10 program requirement is Friday, November 1, 2019. Events that occur after November 1 will not be considered for the 5x10 program. The last day to submit a 5x10 event proposal is Friday, September 27, 2019. **The alignment to a 5x10 foundation and quality of student engagement may impact whether or not the program qualifies as a 5x10.**

Faculty/Staff: If you are a faculty or staff member interested in submitting an event to be considered as a 5x10, you must first join the “NavigateLU Administration” Organization on LINC. Once you are a member of the organization, please follow the instructions in this PDF to submit an event/program proposal. 

Student Organizations: Students submitting events on behalf of their organizations will not need to join NavigateLU. If you are a member of a student organization, you will submit your event as you normally would in LINC through your student organization’s LINC page. A question has been added to the student organization event form where you will be asked whether or not you want your event to be considered as a 5x10. If you select “yes,” you will need to complete an additional page at the end of the event form with specific 5x10 questions.

The review process for event proposals will begin on June 14, 2019.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nicole Burke at nmb518@lehigh.edu

Fall 2019 5x10 Events

  • All 5x10 events can be found on LINC. Step-by-step instructions on how to find 5x10 events that will help you in your transition to Lehigh will be coming soon!
  • The 5x10 schedule is also available on the Guidebook App used during Orientation. Download the Guidebook App and search for "2019 Lehigh University Orientation Guide".  Select the Main Schedule to view 5x10 events.

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