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Family with Dean of StudentsCongratulations! As a family member of a newly admitted Lehigh student, you have undoubtedly been instrumental in their educational pursuits. Their academic excellence plus your support has proven to be a winning combination!

Our office recognizes your important role in your student’s transition process. We are excited to have a healthy level of involvement from you and other family members as we seek to provide support for the student’s academic, professional and personal development processes.

This web site is intended to provide you with the resources to help you and your student successfully navigate their transition from high school to college. We offer tips for parents, answer the most frequently asked questions, and provide you with a recommended reading list. In addition, we welcome you to the Bethlehem community with information about hotels and local restaurants.

We look forward to meeting you during the Family Orientation Program on Thursday, August 22, 2019. You will have a chance to network among other parents and families as well as meet various University staff, hear an address from the President of the University and attend a reception to help you become integrated into the Lehigh family.

Again we say congratulations and welcome!

Our Philosophy: Parents as Partners

We believe students are primarily responsible for their educational experience. We also acknowledge the integral role you, as parents and families, play in the success of your students. The stronger the partnership between families and the University community, the more we are able to help our students achieve their educational and personal goals. As educators, our role is to assist students in their journey to self reliance and independence while understanding and supporting your needs to be informed of their progress.

Parent and Family Orientation

Monday, August 19, 2019—Ideal for families of students participating in the Marching Band, a preLUsion program, LUSSI, international student orientation or a fall varsity sport.

  • 2019 schedule will be posted in summer 2019
  • View the 2018 Parent and Family Orientation Schedule* here.
  • Check-in: 8:00am-10:30am at Iacocca Hall

Thursday, August 22, 2019—This program is open to all families.

  • 2019 schedule will be posted in summer 2019
  • View the 2018 Parent and Family Orientation Schedule* here
  • Check-in: 8:00am - 11:30am at Iacocca Hall

The program is the same on Monday and Thursday, so there is no need to come back later in the week!

* Schedules are subject to change. An updated schedule will be provided at Orientation.