Hosting 5x10 Programs

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If you are a part of a Lehigh University Office, Program, or Organization and would like to have an opportunity available for students, please read over the following criteria before submitting a 5x10 event proposal.

  • The event’s objectives must closely align with the selected 5x10 foundation and at leas one of the learning outcomes associated with that foundation.
  • The event must include an element of student engagement where students will have an opportunity to connect their learning to the selected 5x10 foundation and reflect on their experience.
  • Participants’ learning should be the main focus of the event. Social programs will not be accepted.
  • The event must be submitted at least two weeks before the event’s date.
  • The venue in which the event is held must be contained to ensure that attendance is tracked accurately. If the event is held in a non-contained space, the host must outline a plan for accurate attendance tracking in the proposal form.
  • The submitting office/organization must be willing to assist with 5x10 attendance tracking which includes uploading the attendance to the LINC event page no more than 2 days after the event.
  • All programs must be approved by an OFYE staff member prior to advertising/hosting as a 5x10 event.

The last day for students to complete the 5x10 program requirement is Friday, November 3, 2023. Events that occur after November 3 will not be considered for the 5x10 program. The last day to submit a 5x10 event proposal is Friday, October 20, 2023. **The alignment to a 5x10 foundation and quality of student engagement may impact whether or not the program qualifies as a 5x10. In light of the updates to the bLUeprint Foundations, events that have been hosted in the past are not guaranteed to be approved again.**

Faculty and Staff

If you are a faculty or staff member interested in submitting an event to be considered as a 5x10, you may do so through your office/department LINC page, OR if your office/department doesn’t have a LINC page, you should join the “NavigateLU Administration” Organization on LINC to submit your event. Click here for detailed instructions on submitting an event proposal [Coming Soon!]. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Student Organizations

If you are a member of a student organization, you must submit your 5x10 proposal through your student organization’s LINC page. There are additional event form steps required for student organizations to complete in LINC.