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Faculty and Staff

Our students’ first-year at Lehigh is a critical time of change and exploration. We have named the first-year experience “evoLUtion” for its definition being the gradual process in which something changes into a different, more complex or better form.

To best help students adjust, we have created opportunities which extend beyond Orientation and address social and academic transitional issues that they are likely to face during their first year at the university. Below are resources and opportunities to connect with first-year students.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

The Office of the First-Year experience can provide resources to faculty and staff so you can better understand the student experience and the current generation of students coming to college. If you would like us to present information about Lehigh students to your department, just email us!

Beloit Mindset List - Beloit College creates an annual “Mindset List” to share insight on the experiences of the newest first-year students at college each year.

evoLUtion Seminar

The evoLUtion Seminar is a fall semester experience that is founded in bLUeprint, which focuses on the Five Foundations of Student Success: Creative Curiosity, Identity Development, Collaborative Connections, Inclusive Leadership and Professional Growth and Success. Through group and individual meetings, students will discuss their transition to the university environment, enhance their knowledge of academic and campus resources, and reflect on their experiences joining the Lehigh community.  The goals of the seminar experience are to:

  1. Build a support network of faculty, staff, and peers to enhance student success
  2. Connect students to academic and campus resources 
  3. Foster dialogue and reflection about the Lehigh community

To learn more about the program visit the evoLUtion Seminar page.

Information for Faculty/Staff Facilitators

  • Facilitators must have a bachelor’s degree
  • Facilitators should have experience leading discussions with students
  • One stipend will be allotted per group, so faculty and staff partners are permitted but will need to split the stipend.
  • Training will be required of all facilitators and will cover current trends with first-year students, bLUeprint, techniques for working with students, facilitation and more.

Applications are due May 31 Facilitators must attend training and check-in meetings and will receive a stipend for their time.

summer reading logoSummer Reading Discussion Leader

The goal of the Summer Reading program is to engage students in an intellectual experience with their peers before they come to campus! Each year a committee of faculty, staff and students select a book that will engage the entire University community. Faculty and Staff are invited to lead discussions about the book during Orientation. Discussion Leaders will be provided with a discussion guide and will be partnered with an Orientation Leader.

This year’s selection is: No Apparent Distress: A Doctor's Coming-Of-Age on the Front Lines of American Medicine by Rachel Pearson

To sign up to lead a discussion, please submit the following form.

5x10 logo5x10 Program Submissions

As part of the first-year experience, students are asked to attend five programs or events during the first ten weeks of the semester to introduce students to the bLUeprint learning foundations and campus resources. The 5x10 program is one way we expose students to the multitude of opportunities that exist at Lehigh and encourage meaningful reflection and action.

If you would like to submit a program to be included in the 5x10 programming series, please complete this form.

Lehigh Symposium Faculty

Thank you to all of the Lehigh faculty who presented a session at the Lehigh Symposium during Orientation. Check out our list of presentations here.

If you are interested in presenting at the 2018 Lehigh Symposium, please email us at fye@lehigh.edu.