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A students’ first-year at Lehigh is a critical time of change and exploration. To best help students adjust, we have created opportunities which extend beyond Orientation and address social and academic transition issues that they may face during their first year at the university. Below are resources and opportunities to connect with first-year students.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

The Office of the First-Year experience can provide resources to faculty and staff so you can better understand the student experience and the current generation of students coming to college. If you would like us to present information about Lehigh students or the ways in which we support students to your department, just email us!


We believe in the power of purposeful connections and reflection as students navigate their transition to Lehigh. Through this fall semester program students will develop a relationship with a faculty or staff member and continue to develop relationships with their peers. They will be exposed to a multitude of learning experiences Lehigh has to offer outside the formal classroom setting and be connected with resources to help them thrive and be successful as members of the Lehigh community. Students will set the course, create goals and develop an action plan and faculty/staff will collaborate with students by asking good questions, prompting reflection, and aiding students to find resources for success.

To learn more about the program visit the NavigateLU page.

The application is available and the initial deadline is May 24, 2024. Applications will be accepted beyond May 24, as space allows.

Information for NavigateLU Coaches

  • Training will be required of all coaches and will cover bLUeprint, Lehigh resources and coaching skills. Check-in meetings may also be required at the beginning and end of the program.
  • Coaches will be required to meet with each of their assigned students individually for approximately 30 minutes at least twice (once in September and once in October). They are required to reach out and offer a third meeting for students to share their bLUeprint in November.
  • Coaches will be responsible for tracking the progress of their assigned students and report back to the Director of First-Year Experience.
  • Upon completion of required trainings and meetings with students, coaches will receive a small stipend based on the number of students they request/are assigned to work with. Coaches earn $200 for meeting with approximately 10 students, $300 for meeting with approximately 15 students, and $400 for meeting with approximately 20 students.
5x10 Program Submissions

If you are a faculty or staff member interested in submitting an event to be considered as a 5x10, you may do so through your office/department LINC page, OR if your office/department doesn’t have a LINC page, you should join the “NavigateLU Administration” Organization on LINC to submit your event. Follow these detailed instructions on submitting an event proposal

The form will be available in April as we prepare for the start of the 2024-2025 academic year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at innavlu@lehigh.edu.

The following is criteria to review before submitting a 5x10 event proposal:
  • The event’s objectives must closely align with the selected 5x10 foundation.
  • The event must include an element of student engagement where students will have an opportunity to connect their learning to the selected 5x10 foundation and reflect on their experience.
  • Participants’ learning should be the main focus of the event. Social programs will not be accepted.
  • The event must be submitted at least two weeks before the event’s date.
  • The venue in which the event is held must be contained to ensure that attendance is tracked accurately.
  • The submitting office/organization must be willing to assist with 5x10 attendance tracking which includes emailing the attendance to the OFYE at innavlu@lehigh.edu no more than 2 days after the event.
  • All programs must be approved by an OFYE staff member prior to advertising/hosting as a 5x10 event.

The last day for students to complete the 5x10 program requirement is Friday, November 1, 2024. Events that occur after November 1 will not be considered for the 5x10 program. The last day to submit a 5x10 event proposal is Friday, October 11, 2024. **The alignment to a 5x10 foundation and quality of student engagement may impact whether or not the program qualifies as a 5x10.**

Lehigh Symposium Faculty

Thank you to all of the Lehigh faculty who presented a session at the Lehigh Symposium during Orientation 2023.

If you are interested in presenting at the 2024 Lehigh Symposium, please email us at fye@lehigh.edu.