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In our efforts to provide support for the your transition to campus in August, we believe clear and comprehensive communication is essential. All official communication will be sent to your Lehigh email address, beginning May 18. We will keep copies of that communication on this page for you to reference if needed.

Summer 2022 Communications

May 24: Your Lehigh Experience Starts Here! Welcome Guide Included

Welcome to Lehigh!

Welcome to Lehigh! We are excited that you’ll be joining us and look forward to meeting you on August 18 for Orientation! In the Office of First-Year Experience, our goal is to provide the support and resources you need to be successful in the transition.\


Welcome Guide

The Welcome Guide is a helpful publication you should carefully review for everything you need to know over the summer to be prepared for August! It's important you read these pages carefully. We will update you as some of this information may change as the summer evolves. You'll receive this publication to your mailing address in the upcoming weeks.


Lehigh Student Portal

You should now have access to the Lehigh Student Portal ( which is your one-stop-shop for important information. This page is just for transfer students and has been created to help you keep everything organized using the Summer Checklist. The Summer Checklist includes links to forms you must complete, important information to review, etc. and will ensure you don't miss any important deadlines over the summer.


Housing Information

Lehigh requires first and second year students to live  in university housing. Housing information can be found at Housing will contact you after your Lehigh email address is live to complete your preferences for housing and meal plans. 


Email Reminder

Your Lehigh email is now ready for use. ALL official university communications will be sent to your Lehigh email. Be sure to check your Lehigh email account often. 


Duo 2FA

Duo two-factor authentication (2FA) will be required of you to log into your Lehigh account. It provides an additional layer of protection for your computer account by verifying your identity at logon using two factors: something you know (your password), plus something you physically have (a mobile phone, for example). For more information about this service, please visit the Duo 2FA webpage.


​preLUsion Registration
Jump-start your Lehigh career by signing up for a preLUsion program running from Monday, August 15 - Wednesday, August 17, 2022. You can register from the link on the Summer Checklist or directly from our website starting at 11:00 AM EDT on May 17, 2022.



For questions related to housing, please contact the Housing Services at 610-758-3500 or for additional assistance regarding housing.

For questions related to the Summer Checklist, please contact the Office of the First-Year Experience at 610-758-1300 or

Please note: If you have not opened your Lehigh computing account you will not see the transfer tab on your portal. You must have opened your computing account and have your Lehigh credentials (Example: abc123). If you do not have this information, you will need to go to your Applicant Student Portal where you logged in using your personal email to open your account.

June 22, 2022: Updates & Reminders from the OFYE

Orientation Registration Due June 30!

Orientation is required for all incoming transfer students. Orientation for Transfer students is designed to create a similar introductory experience that all new Lehigh students go through, while also fostering an environment for you to meet and get to know other students transferring into Lehigh University. We recognize that you have been to college before. We hope that these programs and conversations help distinguish Lehigh from your previous institution, while not to devalue the growth that has occurred along the way. 


Registration gives us some additional information to make your experience the best it can be. If you have not already filled out this form in the June section of your Summer Checklist, please do so as soon as possible! Be sure to choose to eat in South Bethlehem for Faux Friday to sample some local cuisine for free!!


Student Health Information

ALL incoming students are REQUIRED to submit an Immunization Record & Physical Examination that are completed and verified by a healthcare provider. In addition, there are online health surveys on the Student Health Portal that need to be completed by the student, which include: Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire, Health History Form, Immunization History, Acknowledgement & Consent to Treatment, and Acknowledgement & Consent to Telehealth Treatment. ALL of the above information should be completed and submitted no later than July 15th. More information for New Incoming Students can be found on our webpage.

Disability Support Services Documentation

Students with disabilities who would like to apply for reasonable accommodations and services should begin the interactive process today to ensure that all reasonable accommodations are in place by the start of the fall semester. Students who wait to apply for accommodations until just prior to the start of the fall semester may experience delays, so it is recommended that students begin the process and submit documentation as soon as possible. To get started, students should register with Disability Support Services by completing the Disability Support Services Registration form. This form allows students to upload documentation with initial registration if they would like, but documentation can also be submitted afterwards. Next, students should submit a copy of their current disability documentation from their physician, clinician, or diagnostician. More information about documentation guidelines can be found on the Disability Support Services website. DSS engages in an interactive process and reviews requests for reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case and class-by-class basis, so after the initial documentation evaluation is complete, DSS will reach out during the summer to schedule an appointment to discuss next steps. If you have questions about how Disability Support Services assists students or about the interactive process, please call them at 610-758-4152 for more information.


Course Registration

We know course registration can potentially be stressful if you are waiting to get your finalized transfer credits. There is support available as you need it. You can contact Registration & Academic Services through their live-chat or at and contact your academic college advising unit. For more information about how to prepare for this process please see your Welcome Guide.


Attend a Sendoff Near You!

Each year, alumni and parents across the country host student Sendoff to welcome incoming students and families to Lehigh. These informal gatherings are a chance to learn more about Lehigh, meet your fellow classmates, and get tips on campus, classes, and more from the Mountain Hawks that came before you. Find the nearest Sendoff to you and register to attend!


Campus Mail Reminder

As you prepare for move-in, check out the following packing list for things to bring and things not to bring. We wanted to highlight that packages will not be accepted at the Mail Center until August 1. You will be able to pick up packages on the day you arrive. The mail center does not accept packages over 70lbs. Please see the mail center webpage or call (610) 758-4193 with additional questions.


Summer Webinars

We offer a series of webinars over the summer with campus partners who may be helpful to chat with before even arriving on campus. This is a part of a larger series we offer to parents and families to support you in the transition. We think the following webinars may be of interest to you.


Tech Talk for First-Year Students and Families: Ask Lehigh computer techs!

Wednesday, June 29 at 7:00 P.M. EDT

Register Here

Join us on Wednesday, June 29 at 7:00 p.m. EDT for Tech Talk for First-Year Students and Families!  Learn about Lehigh's computing and networking environment, our tech support, and get advice on personal device purchase and configuration from Library and Technology Services (LTS) computing and hardware specialists. Register now!


University Counseling & Psychological Services

July 12, 2022 at 1:30 P.M. EDT

Register Here

Join us in exploring the resources available for your student at University Counseling and Psychology (UCPS) Services, and have an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the available resources.


Introduction to the Fraternity & Sorority Experience at Lehigh University

July 19, 2022 at 7:00 P.M. EDT

Register Here

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority affairs will be presenting a webinar focused on the fraternity and sorority experience at Lehigh University. Parents and families are invited to learn more about the joining process and the overall experience should their student be interested in joining a fraternity or sorority during their time at Lehigh University. With about 30% of the student body involved in Greek Life and 20+ organizations to join, we hope you find this session helpful as your student prepares to attend Lehigh!


Get Excited - It's less than 60 days until Orientation!

Don’t forget to continue to revisit the Summer Checklist on the portal for June and July! 


For additional questions, please contact the Office of the First-Year Experience at or by calling 610-758-1300.

July 16, 2022: OFYE July Updates & Reminders

We are excited to welcome you to campus in just one month!


You’ll say farewell to your parents after the welcome lunch at 1:30pm, because Orientation will start at 2:00 on Thursday, August 18 and will run through Sunday, August 21. It is mandatory and will be helpful for your transition to familiarize you with campus resources, make connections and get you ready for a successful year. While you may have done the college thing before, we want to make sure we introduce you to what Lehigh has to offer and get you introduced to our community. The official schedule will be available on our website in August and you will be able to follow along and create your own schedule in the guidebook app once you’ve received your Orientation group information. Please review the schedule on page 7 in the Welcome Guide if you are looking for more details about each day.

You will learn more about the Lehigh community and begin Crafting our Communities with Care, our theme for the year. We’ll talk a lot about this during Orientation as you begin to form relationships and think about how you will play a role in the Lehigh community. We are all here to support you and hope you will also do that for yourself and uplift others. 

We are also a part of the larger Bethlehem community and you’ll learn more about our home, South Bethlehem, and even hear from our mayor at your University Convocation. On Friday, be sure to wear your Lehigh gear for Brown & White Fridays (don’t forget about the last email to order your free t-shirt!). In the evening, many of you will be eating in a local restaurant (If you signed up to eat on-campus, don’t worry! There’s still time to change your mind! You have until July 29 to choose a restaurant on the eventbrite link sent to you). Hopefully, all of you will join us on the local greenway for some free ice cream and a relaxing and fun atmosphere. Don’t forget to bring a new (or gently used) copy of your favorite book from their childhood or adolescence for Reading is cLUtch! Write an inspirational message inside the front cover and we will collect these at the Greenway to share with the South Bethlehem kiddos.

Parent & Family Orientation

If you have visitors coming with you to campus, we hope they will join us! We will have a Family Welcome tent with information and refreshments outside of the Orientation Check-In at Iacocca Hall. We encourage families to stay and join us for Family Orientation that afternoon. We will post the schedule on our Family webpage in early August but it will run from 2:00pm - 6:00pm on Thursday. We will have the exact same program running on Monday, August 15 for pre-arrival programs from 1:00pm - 5:00pm.

Connect with other Transfer Students!!!

We want to encourage you to connect with other transfer students even before Orientation begins. We created a Lehigh Transfers GroupMe that we hope you’ll join and utilize to connect with each other. (We will not be monitoring this summer as we want it to be a space for you all to talk to each other, so please call or email us directly  if you have any questions). Additionally, try and attend a Lehigh Sendoff in your area! These informal gatherings are a chance to learn more about Lehigh, meet your fellow classmates, and get tips on campus, classes, and more from the Mountain Hawks that came before you. Find the nearest Sendoff to you and register to attend!

Summer Checklist Reminders

Your Student health forms are due!More information for New Incoming Students can be found on the Health and Wellness Center webpage. We’ll need all of these items completed before you can move-in so be sure to check off each step in this process. Don’t forget to enroll in or waive the university health insurance plan also. 

Don’t forget to continue to revisit the Summer Checklist on the portal for June,  July and August or you’ll be missing important items like the ones above! 

July 25, 2022: Move-In Information from the OFYE & Housing Services



With move-in dates approaching, we are getting excited to welcome you to campus! As a reminder, you can read past communications here



Move-In day is Thursday, August 18, unless you are signed up for an early arrival program or sport. There will be a team of volunteers to assist you that day! Please follow these directions when you arrive to assist us with traffic flow. You’ll check-in at Iacocca Hall on the Mountaintop campus between 8am and 11:30am to receive your parking pass and Orientation materials. Follow the color-coded directional signage down the mountain to your residence hall to pick up your keys and unload your belongings. 


All student health forms and paperwork must be complete before you can move in. You can see additional instructions about this process on the Health & Wellness Center website.


Your parking pass must remain on your dashboard during the move-in process. Someone must stay with your car when you arrive at your residence hall. Staff, faculty and student volunteers will assist you in unloading your car. Please make sure all boxes, suitcases, bags, and other items are clearly labeled with your name, building, and room number. Once your car is unloaded, you will move it to your designated campus parking garage to allow others to unload (follow the directional signage to the closest parking location).


Packing can be made a lot easier when you know what to bring and what to leave at home. Use this packing list to help you make some of those decisions and check out the housing website if you need specifics on your residence hall room.


Orientation Video

We shared some great information about our Orientation program in our last email, but we want you to see the excitement from Move-In to Orientation.Check out the OFYE Youtube page to see what to expect!


Family Orientation

As a reminder, we run Family Orientation programs on Monday, August 15 (for pre-arrival programs), and on Thursday, August 18. On both days, Family Orientation begins with a Welcome lunch at 11:30am and programming runs until 4:30pm on Monday and 6:00pm on Thursday. Students will be busy with their pre-arrival program or with Orientation on Thursday, so join us as we welcome you as parents and families of Lehigh. Families should review more information on our family webpage.


Summer Checklist Highlights

You should continue to return to your Summer Checklist on the portal for important links and reminders for each July and August! A few highlights include completing the academic integrity module, downloading the HawkWatch Safety app, and reviewing COVID-related information and guidance.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us in the Office of the First-Year Experience at or 610-758-1300 or for Housing related questions, email or 610-758-3500.

August 2, 2022: Get Inclusive! Due August 21
Welcome to the Lehigh community!  In just a few weeks, you will be embarking on one of the most exciting and rewarding adventures of your life.  Your Lehigh experience will be filled with unparalleled opportunities for intellectual and personal growth, in a caring, close-knit community of students, faculty, and staff, as well as an exceptionally strong alumni network.

My Student Affairs colleagues and I look forward to working with you as you enter this exciting new phase of your life.  The centerpiece of your undergraduate career will be the sharing of knowledge that will occur in the classroom.  The people with whom you live, your on- and off-campus social interactions, and the extracurricular activities with which you will become involved will play significant roles in developing a true sense of belonging.  Clubs and organizations, leadership development programs, intramural sports and community service, will all be highlighted beginning with Orientation activities and we invite you to “Connect with Us” to learn about and take full advantage of the many on campus resources designed to help you make the most of your Lehigh experience.

Beginning with Move In, many of you will be introduced to true independence for the first time, along with the important and even life altering decisions that accompany young adulthood.  In all that you do, remember that your contributions will be important and your decisions should demonstrate fundamental respect for yourself and for others. 

As you make the final preparations for the beginning of your first year, I also ask that you apply serious thought to an issue that is a reality of college life at Lehigh and across the country.  Alcohol use and abuse, and high risk drinking on and off campus, should not define any student’s college career.  However, we have seen students struggle academically, personally, and socially from the use and abuse of alcohol.  Lehigh is not naïve or in denial that college-aged students will experiment with alcohol.  We will, though, take advantage of every opportunity and available resource to educate our students so you are best equipped to make responsible, and even lifesaving, decisions.  Our goal is to enable you to have a positive, productive, and healthy Lehigh experience.

To this end, before arriving on campus, every first-year student at Lehigh is expected to complete Get Inclusive, an online alcohol prevention program.  The course aims not to tell you what to think but to help you make decisions for yourself and deal with the drinking behavior of your peers. You may begin taking Get Inclusive and are required to complete it by August 21, 2022.

You will find instructions for taking Get Inclusive on the reverse of this letter.  We encourage you to talk with your parents or guardians about Get Inclusive and how you will approach situations involving alcohol while at Lehigh.  I am confident that the Get Inclusive program will help you to be a success during your time at Lehigh and beyond by helping you to make intelligent and informed decisions about alcohol. 

Achieving the full potential and ideal balance of academic, personal and social growth to which we aspire at Lehigh requires a university-wide commitment.  We are excited that you are joining our community and I look forward to seeing you on campus this fall.​​​

Go Lehigh!

Ricardo D. Hall, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs

Directions for Get Inclusive

You may begin taking Get Inclusive – Student Wellness Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) course using your Lehigh credentials. The course has a brief questionnaire and optional survey responses. Responses are confidential; Lehigh will only receive aggregated information and will never see individual answers. You can feel confident that providing truthful answers – no matter what they are – will not put you at any risk for repercussions.

To begin:

1. Visit the Lehigh University Get Inclusive link:

2. Log on using Lehigh SSO, which will ask for your Lehigh username and password

The deadline for completing Get Inclusive is Sunday, August 21, 2022

Other Important Information:

  • You will need Internet access and audio capabilities.
  • To avoid technical issues, please use any major web browser (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) released within the previous two years.
  • Allow for approximately one-hour total to complete the module.
  • Should you experience problems, technical support is available through

Please remember that you are expected to complete this course by August 21st to receive credit for completion. Please reach out to with any other questions.


August 10, 2022: Reading is cLUtch!

Reading is cLUtch!

We partner with elementary and middle schools in our neighborhood and want to create a community of readers TOGETHER! We are asking all incoming students to bring with them a new (or gently used) copy of their favorite book from their childhood or adolescence. Write an inspirational message inside the front cover and we will collect these during Faux Friday to share with South Bethlehem kiddos. You should bring them to the greenway and chat with the Community Service Office about the great work they do.

What book will you bring?!?
Sponsored by the Community Service Office and the Office of First-Year Experience

August 12, 2022: Updates & Reminder for Move-In & Orientation

It’s almost that time! We can’t wait to meet you.


Move-In day is Thursday, August 18, unless you are signed up for an early arrival program or sport. There will be a team of volunteers to assist you that day! Please follow these directions when you arrive to assist us with traffic flow. You’ll check-in at Iacocca Hall on the Mountaintop campus between 8am and 11:30am to receive your parking pass and Orientation materials. Follow the color-coded directional signage down the mountain to your residence hall to pick up your keys and unload your belongings. 

Parking & Shuttles

Please make sure all boxes, suitcases, bags, and other items are clearly labeled with your name, building, and room number. Once your car is unloaded, you will move it to your designated campus parking garage to allow others to unload (follow the directional signage to the closest parking location). 

Shuttles will be available on Asa Packer campus going from the parking garages up to the residence halls. These shuttle stops can be identified by large yellow Orientation flags. If parking is full on the Asa Packer campus, there is additional parking up at Mountaintop campus where you will check-in and shuttles that can transport you back down the mountain.

Orientation Schedule

The Orientation schedule is on our website! At check-in you will receive your orientation group number so that you can know the exact times and locations of your sessions. Orientation will begin at 2:00pm on Thursday, August 18 at the Orientation Kickoff on the Clayton University Center front lawn. You will be able to create a customized schedule on the guidebook app which will go live early next week! 

All students who are arriving for a pre-orientation program should check in for Orientation on Thursday, August 18 between 8:30am - 11:30am on the walkway in front of Chandler Ullmann Hall to receive their Orientation materials and group information. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

August 13, 2022: Preparing for Orientation

​​​​Orientation starts Thursday, and we hope you are excited! Remember, ALL incoming students are required to participate in Orientation.

Course Site
Course Site has resources for each day of Orientation and additional resources that allow you to navigate parts of Orientation at your own pace. You can find Course Site through Connect Lehigh and use your Lehigh email and password credentials to log in. Under Administrative Courses on the left hand side of the page, you will find FYS Orientation where Orientation information, videos, and links can be found. 

Title IX Requirement

You must watch the Title IX video prior to your program on Saturday. This is state-mandated along with the Break the Silence program you will attend. Throughout the video, you will be required to answer questions based on the video’s content. You must respond to all questions and watch the video in its entirety to receive credit for this requirement.

Orientation Schedule
Don’t forget we get started at 2:00pm EDT Thursday for the Orientation Kickoff on the Clayton University Center front lawn!! The Orientation schedule is posted on our Fall Orientation website and is available through the Guidebook app. Transfer students will follow Group 1 and your specific schedule can be found on our transfer page.

On Sunday, you’ll have the opportunity to continue crafting your communities at Lehigh. Attend at least one session (you can attend up to 3!) to continue learning about the support and resources that will help you along the way. 


Download the guidebook app to your phone and search for the 2022 Lehigh University Orientation guide. Please continue to reference Guidebook for the most up to date schedule. You will have the option to select your specific group (which you will find out later this week!) to create a personalized Orientation schedule.

When we see you on Thursday, be sure to bring along your Orientation packet that you receive at check-in as you will utilize it throughout the weekend. You should also have your ID card on you at all times. Most buildings are controlled by swipe access, and you will need your ID card to eat at the dining halls.

Look out for an email from your Orientation Leader Wednesday evening! See you soon,

The OFYE Staff