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Orientation Group Meeting

Being a Lehigh student means you are involved, engaged, and active in your learning experiences. In this 10-week program, you will set goals, develop an action plan, and take the crucial first steps along your pathway to success. You will build purposeful connections – with people and to resources - to enhance your Lehigh experience.

This is a unique to Lehigh experience, where you will meet individually with a faculty or staff member and in small groups with an upperclass student as you navigate your new environment.

You set the course and direct where you are headed, and these individuals will collaborate with you by asking good questions and aiding you in finding the resources that will lead you to success.  

In the program, you will:

  • Meet individually with faculty/staff collaborators at least twice.

These meetings will encourage you to set academic and personal goals, consider resources for success, and encourage thoughtful reflection around bLUeprint’s 5 Foundations for Success and learnings from 5x10 programs you attend. They will help you think about your path at Lehigh and resources for your personal success.

  • Meet with Orientation Leaders and your Orientation group at least twice.

These meetings are a great place to ask questions, discuss concerns and challenges, and explore campus issues early in your Lehigh career with other students who have recently been through the transition and are skilled at navigating Lehigh!

  • Attend 5x10 programming.

You will choose at least 5 programs to attend that relate to your path and will enhance your success. A calendar will be available for you to choose programs that interest you.

The 5x10

To help begin your journey of curiosity and exploration, we created the 5x10 programming series. We expect all first-year students to attend five programs – one for each of the Five Foundations for Student Success in the first ten weeks of the semester. During the first ten weeks of college, you will begin to develop new routines, create new social connections and begin to establish your place at Lehigh. The 5x10 programming series is a way to expose you to the multitude of opportunities that exist at Lehigh, and encourage you to reflect on those opportunities, so you can maximize your experiences.

To give you a taste of the types of events you might see, a few examples from last year include:

  • Healthy Happy Living on Campus
  • Welcome to the SouthSide
  • Freakin’ 4 o’Clocks (A Survival Guide)
  • How to Date (or Break Up) without Being Broken
  • Talk Nerdy to Me: Giving Engaging Research Presentations

You will have a chance to complete two 5x10 programs during the Friday of Orientation!

  1. Attend a Lehigh 5x10 Symposium – these are hour long workshops where faculty will share their expertise and passions with students. You can learn about anything from aerospace engineering to liquid nitrogen ice cream and why materials engineering matters.
  2. Take a Campus Resource Tour – you can visit a variety of offices on campus to learn about the programs and services they offer. There are five tracks – one for each of the five foundations for student success.

How to Register

During Orientation, you will be given access to a registration page where you can review biographies of the faculty/staff collaborators. You will be able to choose those individuals who might best serve as a connection and guide for you. After signing up, you will receive email notification from your collaborator to sign up for meeting times. Students will be randomly assigned if they do not sign up by the deadline.

NavigateLU exists to aid you in your success and is a mandatory program for all first-year students. If you do not complete the program, you will be required to attend a day-long workshop and your name will be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Expectations and may be subject to a code of conduct violation.