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Can’t wait to get your Lehigh career started? Be a part of PreLUsion!

preLUsion is a pre-Orientation experience offered in August for students starting in the fall and in January for students starting in the spring. preLUsion provides first-year students with an opportunity to explore a topic of their choice and engage with students and staff members who share a similar interest. Although staff members are present for the duration of the program, much of preLUsion is led by student leaders knowledgeable in that field. Not only do these leaders introduce incoming students to their program, but they also serve as a resource for all things Lehigh and are willing and able to answer any questions incoming students may have. preLUsion is an exciting way to jumpstart your Lehigh experience that allows you to move-in early, familiarize yourself with campus, and make connections!

Visit this link for more information about registration and our Fall preLUsion programs!


preLUsion Scholarships

IMPORTANT: If the cost of a preLUsion program is difficult to cover, there are opportunities to receive scholarship money from Lehigh University. Scholarship applications will open May 1. Students awarded a scholarship before preLUsion registration opens will receive a discount code that they will be able to use May 18 when preLUsion opens. The discount code will subtract the amount of the scholarship that is awarded from the total cost of the program. If possible we encourage students applying after May 18 to register to secure a spot in their preferred program, and we will refund the amount of the scholarship if it is awarded.