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Is Orientation Mandatory for First-Year Students?
YES! During Orientation you will be divided up into small groups. All group meetings are required. This is our chance to show students the ropes to college life and provide them with multitudes of resources to help them succeed at Lehigh, both in and out of the classroom. Students will meet faculty, upper-class student leaders, an academic advisor and learn about resources available while making new friends!

Do transfer students need to attend Orientation?
Yes! This is where you will get helpful information and meet other transfer students. You will not be able to register for future semesters if you don’t attend!

When is Move-In Day?
New first-year students move-in on Thursday, August 20, 2020. Room assignments and arrival information will be emailed through your Lehigh email in mid-July.

What should I bring with me?
Check out the What to Bring to Lehigh page for a complete list of things you might need to bring with you on Move-In Day. 

When does Orientation begin for students?
Arrive early on move-in day so you can set up your room and explore campus before Orientation sessions begin at 2:15pm. (2:00pm for commuters)

Who are Orientation Leaders?
Orientation Leaders (OLs) are returning upper-class students who have been trained to help new students make a smooth transition into the Lehigh community.  There are 80 OLs who will each be assigned to a small group of students and will be able to help answer questions, guide you through Orientation, and will also help facilitate the evoLUtion Seminar sessions.


What is the Course Registration Process?
You will register for courses in July. Throughout the month of June important updates and information regarding the registration process will be posted on your student portal and will also be sent to your Lehigh University email address. It is very important that you monitor your email regularly, as we continuously send additional information to prepare you for registration. Keep an eye out for emails about when and how to register, videos reviewing how to utilize the registration system, and advice from your college advisors.

Will there be any classes left when I request courses?
Your first year at Lehigh you will be required to take some introductory level courses that most upper-class students have already taken, so you are not competing with them during your course request process. Courses that you are required to take during your first year (e.g. Engineering 1) will be scheduled so that all students needing those courses will get into a section.

When do classes start and end?
Classes will begin Monday, August 24, 2020.  Check out the academic calendar .

When and how do I purchase my textbooks?

Every textbook for every course can be found at your campus bookstore, a branch of Barnes & Noble. They have the largest selection of used textbooks on campus, and convenient shelf tags throughout the store tell you exactly which textbooks are required for each course and list additional textbooks recommended by the course instructor. And their generous return policy offers cash back on unwanted textbooks year-round—no matter where you bought them. They accept all major credit cards, as well as personal checks, college or government financial aid program vouchers, school debit cards, and Barnes & Noble gift cards. If you prefer to reserve your textbooks online, visit lehigh.bncollege.com


Are the Lehigh network and software compatible with PCs or Macs?
The network and software are generally compatible with both PCs and Macs.  However, there are a few instances where Engineering students will need a PC or to use public sites in order to use the necessary software.

If I am buying a new computer, what kind should I purchase?
If you are in the market for a new computer check out this website with purchase information.

Pre-Orientation Programs

What is preLUsion and why would I want to attend?
Lehigh offers pre-orientation programs, known as preLUsion, which start a few days prior to Orientation. These programs are designed to be fun and to help your transition to Lehigh by introducing you to staff and fellow new students. PreLUsion is a great way to meet other new students with similar interests that want to make the most out of their college experience!

If my student is participating in a preLUsion program, do I have to come back for Thursday's Move-In Day?
No, you don't. Students participating in a PreLUsion program will move in to their residence hall on Monday, August 17, 2020. We will have a Family Orientation Program on Monday so you don't have to make the trip back to Lehigh on Thursday.

Family Information

What events are planned for families during Orientation?
Thursday afternoon is packed with information for family members regarding their student's transition to Lehigh. After the University Luncheon, we will have sessions on your student's development in college, academic and social resources, legal issues in college and more! The day will end with the President's Address and reception. Please review the family schedule on our website in the summer for updates. You will receive a complete schedule when you check-in for Orientation August 20, 2020.

I am a parent who has already been on a campus tour, what I am I going to learn at Family Orientation?
Parents and families will have a chance to meet with University staff and faculty during Orientation to help your transition to Lehigh. Your son or daughter will be calling you when they have questions so our Orientation program provides you with answers to both your questions and your students. The Family Orientation Program will address topics such as legal issues, alcohol on campus, residence life and roommate issues, campus safety and student development through college.

When will students say goodbye to their families?
We encourage family members to stay through the Family Orientation program on Thursday, August 20 and then depart for home since the students have a very busy schedule for the next few days. We have scheduled a time for students and family members to meet at the student's residence hall and say goodbye on Thursday.

Is there a Family Orientation if my student is participating in Prelusion?
Yes! We have a Family Orientation scheduled for Monday, August 17 for those families who are dropping their student off early for Prelusion. The information is the same as Thursday’s family sessions.


How are first-year student room assignments processed?
Lehigh assigns rooms based on desired housing and programmatic preferences. A random process will be utilized for all deposited students to determine your housing assignment along with others who have made similar selections. To accommodate all students, halls are pre-designated by gender based on enrollment. Once your residence hall is assigned, you are matched with a roommate using the information you provide through My College Roommate. If you request a student and he or she requests you, you will automatically be placed together.

How are first-year student roommates matched?
You are matched with a roommate using the information you provide through My College Roommate. If you request a student and he or she requests you, you will automatically be placed together.

When do I find out where I’m living?
Room assignments and arrival information will be emailed through your Lehigh email in mid-July.

What should I do if I already submitted my residence application and wish to add a specific roommate choice or change the information I originally indicated?
You can re-enter the housing contract and update your housing information. You can continue to search and add or change roommates through My College Roommate until the deadline. Assignments are processed in June; therefore, the application must be complete by the deadline in order for it to be considered.

For more Housing FAQ's visit Housing Services website


When do I get my ID card?
You will submit your ID card photo on the campus portal in the summer. You will get your ID card when you check-in on Move-In Day. If you did not complete the application in advance you will need to go to the ID card office on 42 University Drive when you arrive.

What's around town & where can visitors stay while they’re here?
Visit southsideartsdistrict.com and discoverlehighvalley.com for events and things to do in walking distance from campus and in the greater Lehigh Valley. Find Hotels near Lehigh University here.

What banking options are available?
Lehigh University students have several banking options located in Bethlehem. Lehigh students also have access to a full-service Wells Fargo bank branch and ATM located in the University Center. The Pennsylvania States Employee Credit Union (PSECU) operates a Financial Education Center at the Mountaintop Campus, Building C, 2nd Floor, and provides 3 ATM's in Lamberton, Taylor Gym, and Stabler Arena. There are also several banking options located in Bethlehem.

Who do I contact with other questions?
For additional questions not addressed here, please contact the Office of the First-Year Experience:
Phone: 610-758-1300
Fax: 610-758-6692
E-mail: fye@lehigh.edu