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Course Registration

Scheduling your classes is one of the most exciting aspects of being a college student! You will be able to register for class online beginning in mid-July.  To prepare for the process, you will have access to your course packet, college information on the portal with helpful links. On May 26, the First-Year Student Enrollment website will be live with sample schedules, video tutorials for the registration website, and much more. Throughout the month of June important updates and information regarding the registration process will be posted on your student portal and will also be sent to your Lehigh University email address. Keep an eye out for emails about when and how to register, videos reviewing how to utilize the registration system, webinars and advice from your college advisors.

Anticipatory Exams

Students may register for an Anticipatory Exam if you feel as though you have thorough knowledge of course material and want to take an exam to receive credit for a course prior to the start of your first year. Details about when exams will be held and how to register will be available here and on your Summer Checklist.

Exams offered are:

  • Physics 11, 21
  • Chemistry 30
  • Math 21, 22, 51, 52
  • CSE 007 Introduction to Programming