Student Clubs & Orgs Financial Procedures

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For ALL Student Club Reimbursements:

The Reimbursement process has transitioned to the CCER OneCard System by Wells Fargo and Purchasing Services.  Please be sure to watch the student training video so that you can familiarize yourself with the new process. This video is very important as you will need to follow the instructions to receive your reimbursement. The Student Training Video and other important information can be found in the Purchasing Services webpage, under OneCard, then Student & Adjunct Reimbursements. 
Important: When asked for the Primary Approver that is Evelynda Santos at, and when prompted please select the CCER OUT OF POCKET and select NO CASH ADVANCE. 


Processes and Reminders after you complete your first Steps above: 

  • You will receive two secure emails directly from Wells Fargo
    • One email will contain the company ID and user name, the other email will contain the temporary password.
    • You will need to use that information to log into the system, change your temporary password and enter your personal bank information (routing number and account number).
  • The next day after receiving your two secure emails from Wells Fargo, you can go into the system and enter your transaction(s) for reimbursement.
    • You will enter the date, the category, the amount, the description (please also add the club name in the description box), etc.
  • When filling out the request form, it is suggested that the primary approver be the person responsible for the index number (department or grant) - they must be financial manager or authorized signer on that index number.
    • ​For Student Senate recognized Clubs and Orgs the primary approver, authorized signer name and email is Evelynda Santos at   
  • The student, will complete their statement Saturday, Sunday or Monday
    • Ensure the descriptions are accurate and correct and add the Club name 
    • Upload your receipts
    • Click your statement review button
  • ​You will then get reimbursed via direct deposit into your personal bank account you've entered into the system that same Thursday or Friday.  If the approval does not happen that week, the transaction(s) will roll to the following week. If you have any questions, please email


For Checks and Cash Deposits: (Membership fees, Donations, Sponsorship, Fundraisers)

If you need to deposit checks or cash into your club, you can bring the deposit to the Office of Student Engagement, University Center, C-105 (Monday - Friday from 10am through 3:00pm)

To make a wire transfer you must fill out the Deposit Google Form and follow the instructions in the form. The form has the wiring information. If external Sponsors and/or Donors would like to donate/sponsor funds to your club, they can make their payment online at

For Cash Advances: (Students are required to make an appointment to get a Cash Advance at

Students that may need a cash advance will have to come to the Office of Student Engagement to get a sign and approved Cash Advance slip. You must email to make an appointment to request the cash advance, a link will be sent back to you so that you can log in and make the appointment. The appointment must be made at least 24hrs in advance. Once the appointment is made you can pick up your cash with your signed/approved slip from the Office of Student Engagement. 

Invoices: (Performers, Speakers, BlueChip Sound, etc)

If you have invoices for payment, please email them to and the Coordinator will get the paperwork to the Controller's Office for processing and a check will be mailed to the company/customer. 

If you have any questions regarding the procedures or the forms, please email  

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday from 9:00am-3:00pm!