Cost of Membership

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Membership Costs by Council for 2023-2024 Academic Year

We understand paying for college is a huge expense, and understanding costs of membership are an important factor when determining if joining a fraternity or sorority is right for you.  

The costs of membership can vary by chapter and member, and may include dues for housing, meals, parlor fees, and programming.  Chapters and their respective alumni corporations assess dues and fees per semester, and often work with an independent billing agency to do so.

Additionally, some chapters maintain a residential facility or house.  The University owns these facilities and is responsible for the collection of the room fee.  This fee is used for the operation of the residential facility (maintenance, custodial, security, etc.)  The room fee is comparable to other University-owned residential spaces. 

The University has no responsibility or oversight regarding any financial matter outside of what is directly billed from the University for the room rate.  Please contact chapters directly regarding specific dues or billing questions.     

NOTE: Per national policies, fraternities and sororities are forbidden from collecting dues to purchase alcohol.  Some chapters attempt to circumvent these policies by collecting secondary “social dues” and operating “slush funds.”  If you suspect this to be the case, please understand that this is not a requirement of membership and contradictory to organizational values.  We ask that you contact us at so that we may look into the issue and halt such activity.