Greek PREP

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What is Greek PREP?

Students interested in joining a fraternity or sorority are required to attend a Greek PREP session. Greek PREP stands for Greek Pre-Recruitment Education Program. As a result of participating in this program, students will learn about the structure and mission of the Fraternity and Sorority community, policies and expectations, appropriate interactions with chapters, available opportunities that exist at Lehigh and proper communication methods. OFSA believes this program is an important element in demonstrating to interested students the value of the fraternity and sorority experience so that students are best equipped to prepare them for the the opportunity of joining a Fraternity or Sorority at Lehigh. 

This program meets the 5x10 requirement for Inclusive Leadership. RSVP to one (1) session below or access all sessions on LINC.

Fall 2021 Dates & Times

Monday, September 13 @ 4:30pm

Tuesday, September 21 @ 7:15pm

Wednesday, September 29 @ 4:30pm

Thursday, October 7 @ 7:15pm 

Monday, October 18 @ 7:15pm 

Tuesday, October 26 @ 4:30pm 

Wednesday, November 3 @ 7:15pm 

Thursday, November 11 @ 4:30pm