Rewards & Recognition

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Chapters receiving an Accredited with Excellence rating will be recognized in the following ways:

  • A letter from the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs to your national headquarters noting your chapter’s achievement
  • An opportunity to share your accomplishment via the LU Greek blog
  • An advertisement in the Brown & White highlighting your chapter

Accredited with Excellence chapters will also receive preference in Accreditation presentation scheduling for the following year.  

Additionally, Accredited with Excellence chapters may select from one of the following options:

Option 1: An Accreditation presentation “bye” year

  • A chapter may choose to opt-out of presenting the year following their Accredited with Excellence rating.  A report submission is still required.
  • Chapters receiving Accredited with Excellence ratings in consecutive years may not opt-out of presenting back-to-back years (i.e. if a chapter receives Accredited with Excellence in 3 consecutive years, they may only choose to opt-out every other year).
  • Should a chapter encounter significant challenges or have notable conduct issues in a “bye” year, the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs reserves the right to require a presentation.

Option 2: $250 towards a chapter need  

  • Programs/Events: Any type of program or event (social, educational, service, philanthropic).  The money will be issued at the time of the event to cover specific costs (i.e. food, security, event-related expenses).  The money may not be used to purchase alcohol.   
  • Sponsorship: Scholarship or travel funds for individual students.  Travel should be chapter or academic related.  
  • House Improvement: Funds towards a facility-related purchase (subject to approval by Residential Services).
  • Donations to charitable organizations or non-profits are not permitted.
  • Use of the $250 outside of these options must be discussed and approved by the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs in advance of any financial transfers.