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The purpose of this process is to assist fraternities and sororities at Lehigh University with their Membership Recruitment and New Member Education/Intake (NME/I).  This document is meant to educate fraternity and sorority members, their advisors, and aspiring members about the Membership Recruitment and NME/I Process expectations and procedures as outlined by the Lehigh University’s Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL). FSL believes that partnership between fraternity and sorority members, alumni advisors, and inter/national headquarters ensures a successful and positive experience for all involved in the new member education/intake process.  It is our philosophy that Membership Recruitment and NME/I activities support the mission and core values of Lehigh University, FSL, and each inter/ national organization.

Statement of Transparency

In the interest of transparency, FSL believes in the practice of sharing the New Member Education/Intake (NME/I) experience with all our stakeholders.  When a chapter is conducting NME/I, the chapter's New Member Education Plan will be posted in an active link on the FSL website. Any personal identifying contact information will be omitted.

Expectations of Organizations Conducting Recruitment and New Member Education/Intake

  1. In order to conduct any Membership Recruitment or NME/I advertising, programs, events, etc., the organization must complete and submit this packet to via DocuSign to FSL, including all requested attachments, information and signatures, meeting all stated deadlines.
  2. The organization must not start NME/I until Part I: Notice of Process has been approved or acknowledged by FSL staff, alumni advisors and inter/national headquarters staff.
  3. NME/I must meet all requirements outlined in the Recognition Policy.
  4. NME/I must not extend longer than six-weeks and must be completed by the last day of classes.
  5. NME/I must not occur outside of an academic semester and must not extend beyond one semester.
  6. NME/I and initiation must occur within the same semester the new member received and signed the Bid Acceptance Agreement.
  7. NME/I must not take place earlier than 8:00am and must conclude no later than 11:00pm.
  8. NME/I must not interfere with academic or University sanctioned commitments.

The New Member Education plans linked below are for the current academic semester. When a chapter is conducting new member education, their new member plan will be an active link on this page.  If you believe that the actions or activities of a chapter are not congruent with their plan, please contact:

  • Lehigh University Police Department at (610) 758-4200 if you are concerned about the immediate health and safety of a student.

  • FSL at (610) 758-4157 or email us at

  • If you wish to report a concern anonymously, please click here.

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