Individual Study Skills Appointments

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Academic skills develop and evolve throughout your time in college.  Each semester may require you to manage your time in new ways or study differently depending on your courses and outside of class commitments.  Individual study skill appointments are a great way to discuss goals and strategies so you can reach your definition of success.

A study skill appointment may be right for you if you are looking...

  • to discuss how to study for a particular exam
  • for suggestions on note taking strategies
  • to receive guidance on setting academic goals
  • to enhance your textbook reading strategies
  • to develop strategies related to managing test anxiety and stress
  • to improve your approach to time management

Study skills appointments are 30 minutes in length and are scheduled with Morgan Benner.  After you fill out this brief form, you will have access to Morgan's calendar to select the date and time of your appointment.                     


Morgan Benner

Morgan has served as the Learning and Study Skills Assistant in the Center for Academic Success since 2019.  She believes that using effective study skills involves finding an individual system of time management, study scheduling, note-taking, and studying techniques that capitalizes on your strengths and works for you and your coursework.  Additionally, informed by her work and background in mental healthcare, she emphasizes creating a foundation of care for your body and mind in order to succeed academically and in the working world beyond Lehigh.  Morgan is a PhD student in the Lehigh University Counseling Psychology program.   She received her M.Ed in Human Development here at Lehigh and received her B.S. in Psychology at the University of Maryland, College Park.    

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