Residential Studying and Tutoring (RST)

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Residential tutoring appointments are designed to provide one-on-one assistance for students enrolled in MATH 021, MATH 022, MATH 023, CHM 030, and CHM 031 and who are living on-campus.  Students will work with a peer tutor who possesses excellent interpersonal skills and has demonstrated a strong commitment to assisting students academically.  Residential tutoring sessions are 35 minutes in length and will take place on Zoom.  Students are able to sign up for an appointment using Retain, our tutor management system.  We ask that you sign up for your tutoring session at least 30 minutes before your appointment. 

Tutoring will begin on Monday, February 15th and end on Friday, May 7th.  

Please note that Residential tutoring is only available to students living on campus.  This schedule is subject to change.  Please check back for possible updates. 

Please click on the Residential tutoring link below for the schedule: 

Residential tutoring schedule (Please note that the new spring schedule will be coming soon)

Residential Tutoring Registration
Please be sure to read the instructions below about how to sign up for an individual tutoring session.
Residential Tutoring Sign Up Instructions

Step by Step Instructions with Screenshots


Directions for Making a Residential Tutoring Appointment

  1. Click "Residential Tutoring Registration"  or copy this link to your web browser:
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Click Here" located next to "Campus Login?"
  3. Type "lehigh" (case sensitive) where the box says "Enter School ID"
  4. Click "go" (do not hit enter)
  5. Enter your Lehigh credentials (user ID and password)
  6. You will be brought to your Dashboard 
  7. In order to make an individual tutoring appointment, click "Book Appointment" in the top right corner 
  8. This will reveal a drop-down menu item.  Click "Residential tutoring."
  9. Select the course, date, tutor, and time that you would like.
  10. Confirm the selected date and time.
  11. You will know that you have created your appointement when the green ribbon appears on the top of the screen stating "Appointment(s) Created."
  12. You can click "My schedule" to see your upcoming tutoring appointments.
  13. Hover your cursor over the appointment, to see the course, time, location, and tutor's name. 
  14. You can cancel your individual tutoring session no later than 12 hours before your scheduled session.


What courses are offered?

Residential Studying and Tutoring provides tutoring in Calculus (MATH 021, 022, 023) and Chemistry (CHM 030, 31).

When is residential tutoring offered?

Residential tutoring sessions are offered on a weekly basis Sunday through Thursday 8:00-10:00pm.  Residential tutoring will begin the third week of class and will continue through the last week of class. 

Tips for a successful residential tutoring session:
  • Do not wait until the week of your exam to visit the Center - we cannot stress this enough!
  • Prepare for your tutoring session. Read your textbook, review notes, attempt the homework problems, and don't forget to bring your notes and book to the session!
  • Come with a specific question or goal for the tutoring session. What do you want to accomplish? Be sure to communicate your goal to your tutor.
  • Not working for you? Try a different time or a different tutor... If it's still not working, contact our Center director, Kara Uhrich, at, to discuss other options for tutoring in this class!