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Fall Prelusion

Fall Prelusion 2019

August 19-21, 2019

More information will be posted in Spring 2019.


Registration will open mid-May, when the evoLUtion:1 tab on the Portal goes live. At that time, you will be able to register through the evoLUtion:1 Portal tab, under the May section of the Summer Checklist. If your plans change over the summer, refund requests must be made in writing to fye@lehigh.edu before June 30. No refund requests will be accepted after June 30, 2018.

If the cost of a preLUsion program is difficult to cover, there are opportunities to receive scholarship money from Lehigh University. Learn more about the Student Opportunity Fund and apply here!

FALL 2018 Prelusion Programs

*Please note these programs may change year to year.*

alLUsions: Literary Lehigh

College opens a space for creativity and self-exploration. alLUsions introduces you to a community of writers at Lehigh University. This program uses writing as a means to develop new relationships with other incoming students interested inalLUsions students at Strand Bookstore and Ricketts Glen creative writing, literature, and the written world. To this end, alLUsions explores three different literary environments: Bethlehem’s Northside, New York City’s bookish treasures, and Northeastern Pennsylvania’s natural beauties.

alLUsions begins in Bethlehem’s Northside, exploring the haunts of the city’s most famous poet, H.D. We then travel to New York City for a daylong investigation of the city’s unparalleled literary tradition and living culture. You will tour and write in New York landmarks like its art museums, the world-famous Strand Bookstore, and Washington Square Park, an inspirational oasis for Mark Twain, Henry James, and the Beat poets, among many others. alLUsions juxtaposes this urban landscape with a day of relaxed hiking in the countryside, where you will take in Ricketts Glen State Park and its twenty-four named waterfalls.

Throughout this journey, you will write and share your work in order to nurture connections with each other and with Lehigh’s larger literary community. You will become acquainted with the English Department, the Drown Writers’ Series, and the Writing Center, although writers from all academic backgrounds and interests are encouraged to participate. Regardless of intended major, alLUsions is a program that focuses on the many ways that language helps us to connect with the world that surrounds us.

Cost: $330       Capacity: 15

Minimum number of participants required for the program to run: 5

For more information contact Jimmy Hamill jah513@lehigh.edu

Discover Lehigh

Set off on a discovery of your new hometown! 

On this expedition, you’ll discover all there is to know about campus and how Lehigh came to be – you’ll even visit the hometown and mansion of our founder, Asa Packer! Explore Bethlehem and learn the city's history - you'll visit various sites, restaurants, and even tour Bethlehem Steel and learn the impact of the company’s rise and fall. Plus, current students will teach you all the ins-and-outs of Lehigh and the little secrets upper-class students wish they knew sooner!  

Explore this area, make connections, and think about how you can make the most of your experience here to have fun and be successful.  

As a part of this three-day discovery:

  • Tour Asa Packer’s mansion in his hometown of Jim Thorpe, PA
  • Explore North and South Bethlehem with city experts
  • Challenge your team building skills at Lehigh Valley Captured Escape Room
  • Discover Bethlehem Steel and ArtsQuest
  • Enjoy different dining experiences in Bethlehem and the surrounding areas
  • Connect with peers and upperclass students

Come join us and we will help Lehigh and Bethlehem feel like home in just three short days!

Cost: $250       Capacity: 18

Minimum number of participants required for the program to run: 5

For more information contact fye@lehigh.edu

Fabricate: LU

Do you enjoy working with your hands? Or, have you never held a screwdriver before, but want to learn how to get started making things? Come explore many of Lehigh’s fabrication facilities and learn how to leverage these tools to support your educational and personal growth. Be empowered to create something functional from raw materials, and leave with a one-of-a-kind keepsake to mark the start of your Lehigh journey.

Participants in the Fabricate: LU program will engage with a variety of on-campus resources, ranging from a traditional cabinetry-grade woodshop to CNC machining to various 3D printing technologies as well as the staff who run them. These resources are available to all Lehigh students, yet require training to use. Get a leg up on your fellow classmates by exploring Lehigh’s state-of-the-art facilities.

As part of this intensive, exciting foray into making, students will:

  • Engage with faculty, staff, and upperclassmen interested in making things
  • Explore traditional methods of work, such as bending sheet metal to give it form and cutting wood precisely to shape
  • Learn to harness the powers of programming and electronics with an Arduino microcontroller
  • Get exposed to the exciting emerging technology of 3D printing by designing and printing components of your project.
  • Spend an afternoon exploring the local area, learning some of the history of an old manufacturing city, while familiarizing yourself with your surroundings at Lehigh.
  • Enjoy local food options surrounding the university in South Side Bethlehem’s arts district as well as North Bethlehem’s historic district.
  • Experience the thrill of taking disparate components made with a wide variety of skills, and combining them into a final, functional, personalized work of art.

No special skills, abilities or experience is necessary whatsoever, we will teach you how to start using these wonderful resources on campus!

Cost: $375       Capacity: 12

Minimum number of participants required for the program to run: 8

For more information contact Brian Slocum bcs3@lehigh.edu or Michael Moore mwm312@lehigh.edu

Food For Thought

What better way is there to get to know your new community than by learning about the area’s unique cuisine, eating delicious meals, and sharing good conversation with your fellow Lehigh students? Food for Thought will take you on a culinary journey through campus, Bethlehem, and the Lehigh Valley. As we explore these areas, we will consider how thinking about what we eat opens up avenues to nuanced understandings of our identities, cultures, and communities.

We’ll enjoy the restaurants of North and South Bethlehem and receive a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to feed about 5,000 Lehigh students on campus every day. We will work with the Lehigh Dining chefs and work in the kitchen. And we will explore the Lehigh Valley with a focus on food--such as visiting local farms, markets and restaurants from Easton to Emmaus.

Whether you call yourself a “foodie,” are passionately interested in sustainable food production, or are simply interested in learning more about the local area through a unique lens, you will begin your time at Lehigh with a greater appreciation for the complex processes and rich meanings behind every meal.

*Food for Thought can easily accommodate any dietary restrictions and allergies. Please contact Carrie with any questions or concerns you may have.

Cost: $300      Capacity: 10

Minimum number of participants required for the program to run: 7

For more information, contact Carrie Gerencher e00913@lehigh.edu


GlobaLehigh takes you on a virtual three-day trip around the world as you immerse yourself in culture, cuisine and all things global. As you experience your first taste of campus, your activities will extend far and wide. Here are just a few of the activities awaiting you: 

  • Take a behind the scenes tour of the United Nations headquarters and meet with a diplomatGlobaLEHIGH students in NYC
  • Eat your way around the world
  • Network with Lehigh alumni working in international careers
  • Explore the many different views of Globalization

This journey will be led by current students highly involved with all things Global at Lehigh.  See for yourself why Lehigh University is truly a Global community!

Cost: $265       Capacity: 20

Minimum number of participants required for the program to run: 15

For more information contact Bill Hunter wdh3@lehigh.edu, or Jenny Hyest jehc@lehigh.edu

Launch into Business

Begin your career path in business a few days early! Get acquainted with the College of Business and Economics (CBE) and the Rauch Business Center community. Discover the CBE culture, learn about majors, and meet business faculty and staff. You will have the opportunity to interact with alumni and learn from experienced professionals. Build a strong foundation for your business education as you embark on your journey to becoming a successful young professional. This program will include on-site visits to local and metropolitan corporations where students will deepen their understanding of business operations, gain insight into real-world issues the company faces and learn how global forces impact business decisions and action plans.


  • Introduction to the CBE and Rauch Business Center resources and facilities
  • Develop relationships with future classmates and CBE upperclass students, staff, faculty, and alumni
  • Gain a better understanding of the CBE curriculum
  • Connect with the Center for Career and Professional Development
  • Travel to businesses in New York City and/or Philadelphia
  • Participate in roundtable discussions with guest speakers
  • Discover clubs and organizations to enhance professional development opportunities
  • Improve networking skills and learn how to create a professional network

This program will be led by the CBE Undergraduate Programs Office.

Cost: $275                      Capacity: 15 (must be enrolled in a business program)

Minimum number of participants required for the program to run: 8

For more information call 610.758.4498, or contact Emily Ford at eaf311@lehigh.edu.

Lehigh Women Engineers (LWE)

As an incoming woman engineer, you may be wondering about the dynamic, creative, exhilarating and rewarding field that you are about to enter. With many of Lehigh’s top engineering students being women, you are joining an impressive and elite group. To begin college with a leg up, come join us as we learn the ins and outs of Lehigh Engineering!

During your three days with Lehigh Women Engineers, you will engage in guided lab activities that will offer hands on experiences to help get you acclimated to academic study at the college level. You will also be given the opportunity to visit various departments, research centers, and other parts of campus as you are introduced to the multitude of programs, clubs, and resources here at Lehigh, all of which are dedicated to your success in Lehigh Engineering.

But perhaps most importantly, you will create the foundation to build a strong community among women engineers as you embark on this exciting new chapter of your life!


  • Participate in hands on activities in the various labs at Lehigh
  • Get a head start on making lifetime friends with your classmates
  • Meet the Dean and selected faculty members in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Work with current women engineering students who will guide you through your Lehigh experience
  • Explore the areas within walking distance of campus 

Check out our website and follow us on on Facebook.

Cost: $225                       Capacity: 100

Minimum number of participants required for the program to run: 25

For more information contact Shaku Jain-Cocks events.engineering@lehigh.edu.

Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP)

Do you enjoy being adventurous, meeting new people and being outdoors? If so, then OAP is for you! This program takes you into the great outdoors where you will spend your time taking day and night hikes, rafting down the Delaware River, playing paintball, riding a zip line, and developing new friendships. Day one, you will arrive on campus and drop off your belongings in your residence hall rooms before heading out. This trip will be completely off-campus. Participants will be staying at the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) with upperclass student leaders. While at PEEC, students will be housed in guest lodges, cabins, or yurts. This year, you will participate in Paddle, Battle and Adventure.

PADDLE: Rafting

Rafting on the scenic Delaware River, sunbathing, swimming and fun make this trip memorable. RAFTERS MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM.

BATTLE: Paintball

Kittatinny Paintball features exceptional mountaintop playing fields overlooking the beautiful Delaware River. Kittatinny’s fields, featuring natural forests with huge boulders and bunkers, are designed to make each game exciting and fun! Paintballs are water-soluble, biodegradable and non-toxic. Everything you need is provided.


Take a ride on the dual racing zip line, one of the longest zip lines in the USA – over 3000 feet long. Soar 150 feet in the air overlooking the Delaware River. No special skills or abilities needed to enjoy this ride. If this adventure isn’t for you, don’t worry, there will be plenty of other activities to do.

Cost: $400       Capacity: 100

Minimum number of participants required for the program to run: 75

For more information contact Matt Kitchie mak608@lehigh.edu 

Start it Up

Are you fascinated by every new technology or startup innovation that hits the market? Do you want to change the world through solving problems creatively? Do you have dreams of starting your own company or business one day? Maybe you’ve already started a side-hustle in high school or have a notebook full of potential ideas.  More than ever, the world needs entrepreneurial leaders who have the passion and ability to take action toward solving the world’s global challenges.

At Lehigh, many students explore entrepreneurship in addition to their major course of study either as a minor or in co-curricular programs. This provides many students with the ability to think differently about their traditional education and design their future intentionally.

During the three day entrepreneurial PreLUsion experience, you will learn about key aspects of entrepreneurship, develop your own business concepts, and test your strengths as an entrepreneurial leader. You’ll leave knowing how to utilize your entrepreneurial mindset always seeing problems as opportunities.

  • Meet and learn from successful entrepreneurs
  • Tour startup ventures and co-working spaces
  • Put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur for a day
  • Introduction to the Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship resources on campus.

This program will be led by the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship.

Cost: $300           Capacity: 30

Minimum number of participants required for the program to run: 10

For more information contact Shannon Varcoe sev210@lehigh.edu


Are you curious about the inner workings of environmental sustainability? If so, join the growing Lehigh community interested in sustainability. As part of the SustainabLEHIGH adventure, you will explore the Lehigh Valley through biking, canoeing, eating organic meals, visiting a farm and camping on our very own island. Not only will you have non-stop fun, but the learning experience and connections provide you with a strong foundation for future leadership in environmental sustainability initiatives at Lehigh.

As part of this exciting three-day adventure, you will:


  • Meet like-minded students, campus leaders and sustainability champions
  • Camp on your very own island (seriously!)
  • Bike and canoe down the Lehigh River
  • Visit a local farm that free ranges their animals
  • Eat delicious organic meals
  • Learn about environmental sustainability-related clubs, classes, initiatives and campaigns

Also, visit our website, where you can find leader biographies, photos, and more program information: sustainability.lehigh.edu/SustainabLEHIGH

Cost: $315           Capacity: 15

Minimum number of participants required for the program to run: 10

For more information contact Katharine Targett kat516@lehigh.edu

Volunteer Experience (VE)

Begin your journey at Lehigh through service! As a participant of VE, you will immerse yourself in three days of community service within the Lehigh Valley. During this time you will discover area agencies, take action to help alleviate issues facing their new community and build new but lasting friendships. VE is hosted through Lehigh’s Community Service Office, which offers students a pathway to continue engaging in meaningful service through their four years at Lehigh if they so choose.
All VE participants get the opportunity to serve at agencies in South Bethlehem and the surrounding Lehigh Valley.

Some agencies include:

  • Volunteers of America: It’s more than just fun and games at VOA, a local youth center for children ages 6-13. VOA attendees make an impact by being a positive role model for a group of youngsters!
  • Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center: Get your hands dirty while you help maintain and enjoy this environmental education center. Various activities may include: deepening park waterways to promote healthy aquatic life, restoring trails, removing invasive plants and creating habitats for indigenous amphibians.
  • New Bethany Ministries: Help organize and load a food bank on the South Side, and support an agency that helps committed families and individuals gain independence.
  • Victory House: Cook for or support an agency that provides homeless men, including veterans, with temporary housing and food assistance.
  • Bethlehem Area School District: Volunteer at elementary, middle, and high schools in the Lehigh Valley that follow the United Way’s Community school model. Their mission is to be a resource to all in the community, not just students. This includes education, health, and social services.

Trips are led by community-oriented, upper-class students who are committed to providing you with the best first three days on campus you can have. Evenings are spent taking part in activities with your fellow volunteers that help you become acquainted to your new home and new friends.
Also, visit our website, where you can find leader biographies, photos, and more program information: lehigh.edu/service

Cost: $265              Capacity: 25

Minimum number of participants required for the program to run: 10

For more information contact Sarah Gelfand seg217@lehigh.edu