Food and Beverage Fundraisers

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Guidance for Student Groups Hosting Food and Beverage Fundraisers

For purposes of this policy, fundraising is defined as the collection of money through donations, sales, and/or event programming for the purposes of charitable donation or organizational budget enhancement. The fundraising activity is required to offer a benefit to the University community that is consistent with the University’s educational mission.

  • Student Groups must meet with the Campus Event Advisory Group (CEAG) before hosting a food and/or beverage based fundraiser where funds will be raised for clubs, organizations, and/or charities

  • Groups cannot prepare food and beverage on their own due to the high risk associated with food and beverage preparations and service

    • Organizations can work, through expressed permission,with Dining Services to create food and beverage that can be sold as a fundraiser

    • If approved to use an external vendor through the CEAG, food and beverage to be sold for a fundraiser must come from an approved University vendor that has liability insurance and meets all health and safety standards of the City of Bethlehem

  • All raised funds must be deposited into the student organization’s financial account which is located in the Office of Student Engagement

  • Further, the fundraising activity must not violate legal, tax, or corporate restraints upon the University

  • Event sponsors are responsible for ensuring that proposed activities comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations

  • Commercial or corporate sponsorship of programs or events is permissible provided that no products and/or services are sold at the event

  • Lehigh University reserves the right to require third parties participating in or conducting fundraising activities to meet additional requirements, including without limitation requirements that such parties furnish evidence of insurance coverage acceptable to the University and/or agree to indemnify the University and University personnel against liabilities arising from their acts or omissions.

  • Lehigh University cannot guarantee storage for fundraising items and/or equipment needed for fundraising activities.

  • Pre-packaged food and beverage is permitted to be sold for fundraising initiatives by student groups upon providing manufacturer information, including brand name, item name, and where the food/beverage(s) will be purchased from.  The information will be reviewed and will be permitted only with the approval of the Event Planning Form 

    • Pre-packaged is defined as food and beverage that has not been tampered with or opened

    • Pre-packaged food cannot be sold after expiration date

General Fundraising Guidance

  • Fundraising initiatives must be approved by the CEAG or Student Engagement/Student Center Facilities Staff Member

    • Rationale: Branding rights, risk assessment, policy review with financial deposits

  • Fundraisers by Student Groups must be submitted through the Event Planning Form on LINC for review and approval a minimum of two weeks prior to the proposed event

  • Neither individuals (regardless of affiliations with Lehigh University) nor private, commercial organizations may sell or promote the sale of products or services on University owned, operated, or controlled property except:

  • Individuals or organizations with whom Lehigh University has entered into a written agreement

  • Individuals or organizations authorized in writing by Lehigh University to engage in the sales of goods or services for the benefit of a recognized student organization

Additional Restrictions and Requirements

Lehigh University acknowledges that we are not able to anticipate every issue and endeavor that may arise with respect to fundraising activities.  As a result, the University will review risk, facilities, and other safety. The University also reserves the right to impose restrictions and/or requirements as deemed appropriate including time, place, and manner of fundraising activities.

Failure to obtain permission to engage in or sponsor sales or fundraising activities, or failure to adhere to the University’s policy regarding activities for which permission has been granted, will result in curtailment and/or cancellation of the event by the Office of Student Engagement/Student Center Facilities or other appropriate University official.

Recognized clubs and organizations violating the Fundraising Policy may be subject to the following:

  • Loss of the right to use Lehigh facilities for meeting, events, or programs

  • Loss of recognized club or organization status

  • Referral to the University Committee on Discipline as the judicial system which has jurisdiction over complaints against any student or recognized student organization(s) alleged to have violated this policy

    • Disciplinary sanctions

    • Other educational stations appropriate to the circumstances

  • Fines and/or restitution including loss of funding for a determined period of time

Reservation of Rights

Lehigh University reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.

Policy Administration

Student Engagement and Student Center Facilities with guidance from the offices of the General Counsel and Risk Management.


Revised 9/23/2021