Section III - Levels of Recognition

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There are two levels of recognition for a fraternity or sorority chapter at the University as outlined below:

1. Full Recognition

a. Full recognition indicates that a chapter is entitled to the Benefits of Recognition set forth in this Policy.

2. Probationary Recognition

a. Probationary Recognition is a conditional recognition for a specified period of time during which a chapter is eligible for the Benefits of Recognition set forth in this Policy.

i. This status is granted to organizations entering the University fraternity and sorority community for the first time through expansion/extension, or to groups that are returning to the community after being dissolved or terminated due to conduct or after voluntarily leaving the community for a period of time.

ii. The University may impose additional requirements on such organizations before they may be granted Full Recognition.

iii. Expansion or extension for new fraternity or sorority organizations is at the sole discretion of the University.